On Thursday, September 30, 2021, Governor Oliver signed LB 199-21 into public law 10L-65-21 creating an Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) unit for the State of Pohnpei, headed by the External Assistance Coordinator, Ms. Shirley-Ann Lighor, under the direct supervision of the Governor of Pohnpei State.
The many functions of the ODA unit include but are not limited to:
Identify and catalog potential sources of overseas assistance of
   very kind; and
– Serves as the routing channel for all overseas assistance by the
government, its agencies, instrumentalities, and public
corporations; and
– Maintain records and vital statistics on all overseas grants; and
– Catalog and monitor all overseas assistance
Immediately following the signing, Governor Oliver attended an ODA inception workshop in the Governor’s conference room. The workshop was an introduction to the newly signed ODA Legislation, Policy, and the formulation of an ODA Committee that consists of division chiefs from Departments/Offices and Agencies of the Executive branch.
In his remarks, Governor Oliver highlighted the importance of the ODA law and Unit, especially as the nation nears 2023 and compact negotiations are underway. He also spoke of the important work that has been done with strategic development (SDP) implementation plans at the Departmental and Divisional levels of the Executive branch. With the creation of the ODA unit and SDP plans, Governor Oliver encouraged the newly formed ODA Committee to commit to the work before them and follow through.
Joining Governor Oliver and Ms. Shirley Ann-Lighor at the signing of the ODA Bill was Mr. Patrick Blank, Consultant, Ms. Yvette Johnny FSM ODA Office, Chief of Staff, Kapilly Capelle, Local Liaison Rep, Ms. Suannrita Ladore, and Acting Director of the Department of Resources and Development, Mr. Mark Kostka.
Present at the ODA inception workshop: Pohnpei Port Authority General Manager, Mr. Pius Roby, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation General Manager, Mr. Nixon Anson, Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation Commissioner, Mr. Peterson Sam, Division Chiefs for the Department of Resources and Development, Division Chiefs for the Department of Public Safety, Division Chiefs for the Department of Land, Medical Division Chief Dr. Nora Liwy from the Department of Health and Social Services, representatives from the Offices of Transportation and Infrastructure, Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Election Commission, Housing Authority, and Public Affairs.
The State Law creating the ODA Unit can be found in the link below:


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