On Monday January 10, 2022, Governor Reed B. Oliver and First Lady, Estle G. Oliver attended the joint inauguration ceremony for the newly elected Meninkeder Lapalap and Keriauhu en Meninkeder Lapalap.
Under the theme: Promoting teamwork today for a better tomorrow, Meninkeder Lapalap, Mrs. Kiomy Albert was sworn into office by the Honorable Beauleen Carl-Worswick, Acting Chief Justice, FSM Supreme Court. Keriahu en Meninkeder Lapalap Mr. Ricky Mudong was sworn into office by the Honorable Erwihne Hadley-Nanpei, Associate Justice, Pohnpei State Supreme Court.
Congratulations to Meninkeder Lapalap, Hon. Kiomy Albert and Keriahu en Meninkeder Lapalap, Hon. Ricky Mudong.
Congratulations also to 11th Menintiensapw of Madolenihmw who were sworn in on January 11, 2022.


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