On Thursday, February 10, 2022, Governor Oliver joined the Director of the Department of Education, Mr. Stanley Etse, at Palikir Elementary School for the official handover of the Japan-funded Project for Palikir School facilities. The project renovated three restrooms with over 15 toilets, 14 handwashing sinks, and draining ditch covers. Additionally covered walkways to the restrooms were also constructed. The project was funded through grant aid from the people and Government of Japan as a token of friendship and cooperation.
Welcoming remarks were provided by Mr. Kasner Aldens, Palikir Elementary School PTA President. Opening prayer was provided by Deacon Mike Ioanis.
H.E. Hisashi Michigami, Japanese Ambassador to the FSM, officially declared the project complete and presented a key to Governor Oliver, who then presented the key to Director Etse, Director of the Department of Education. Ambassador Michigami stated that it was an honor to help with the education of Pohnpei’s children. He spoke of Japanese culture and tradition to do your best regardless of who is watching and to respect ancestors, seniors, teachers, and traditional skills. In his remarks, Governor Oliver conveyed his deep appreciation to the people and Government of Japan for the renovated bathrooms, toilets, sinks and constructed walkways. He translated the Ambassador’s speech to the Palikir Elementary school students to explain the similarities in our cultures which include respect for our elders, and to take ownership of the contributions generously donated to the school, at all times, encouraging the students to take care of these important and generous contributions to their school. He thanked the Pohnpei State Legislature and the Department of Education for their assistance to bring forth these generous contributions to the people of Pohnpei.
Also present during the handover ceremony: Principal: Francisco Ifamlik Education Committee Chair: Senator Kasinda Ludwig, Vice-Chair: Senator Mitaro Simina, and Chief of Staff, Kapilly Capelle


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