Department of Land

Mordane David
Acting Director


The Department is comprise of four (4) major functional Divisions. The Department has overall legal mandate to administers planning, organization, budgeting, staffing, monitoring, and evaluation of statutory and regulatory mandates on State land system and distribution, managing thru and in collaboration with the Board of Trustees on Public Lands , Board of Land Survey and Examiners, Soil and water Conservation Council, Historic Preservation Board, and the Zoning Commission. Generally, the Department administers and manages State's terrestrial ecosystem---land, ocean, historic sites, parks, watershed areas, public lands, lands use and zoning , flora and fauna, coastal resource management, and marine natural resources within the State 12 miles zone, including the prevention of environmental degradation of the watershed and coastal resource management program and activities.


Administers and manages statewide system of land information and records, cadastral survey and mapping of private and public lands, and archival of land documents and records, outsourcing of private surveying, survey and delineation of access (right of ways), public infrastructure projects, certification and approval of maps and survey documents on tracts, parcels, subdivisions, assignments, stipulations, and improving environment for investment and business start-up, business expansion and development.


Responsible for the management and administration of 11 designated marine protected areas, 2 mangrove forests reserve areas, 1 biosphere reserve area, shoreline habitats, state’s watershed areas. Enforces all State laws and rules involving State lands, State Parks, historic sites, forest reserves, marine protected areas and wildlife areas, coastal zones, Marine Sanctuaries, State shoreline habitats, mooring areas, mangroves areas and camping and hiking areas and parks. The division also enforces laws relating to endangered species, birds nesting areas, birds hunting season and reef fishing of mandated species.

Devision Chiefs

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Wallet Elias

  • Office # (691)+320 2712
  • Extention # 168

Chief Div. of Public Land

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Neilynn L. Walter

  • Extention #161