The Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation

  1. To provide audio and visual broadcasting services to the people of Pohnpei through the operation of a system of public owned broadcast stations and studios.
  2. To broadcast thereon public information, news, and programs of an educational, cultural, and entertaining nature.
  3. To develop audio and and visual programs for use in Pohnpei and for sale or use abroad
  4. To develop, in conjunction with the Pohnpei Department of Education, the College of Micronesia-FSM, and other educational agencies and institutions, instructional materials of an audio or visual format for use in the schools of Pohnpei.
  5. To develop, in conjunction with the Pohnpei Division of Commerce and Industries of the Department of Resources and Development and the Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower Development of the Department of Treasury and Administration, instructional materials of an audio or visual format to enhance the technical, business, and professional skills of the manpower of Pohnpei.
  6. To develop, in conjunction with the Department of Health Services, instructional materials of an audio or visual format for the improvement of Health Services personnel and promotion of public health and hygiene among the people of Pohnpei.
  7. To expand and improve upon broadcast services offered at the public broadcast stations and studios controlles by the Corporation, and , where procticable and necessary, construct and operated new broadcasting facilities and repeater stations in densely populated or remote areas that are now beyond ready access to existing public broadcast services.
  8. To develop, where practical, the use of satellite technology in the receipt and transmission of information and programs.
  9. To attain financing for the Corporation from public sources and private donations and by the charging of reasonable fees for the use of its services;PROVIDEDthat emergency and public interest announcements, particularly funeral annoucements, are exempted from such fees.
  10. To aquire and maintain from the revenues and grants received by the Corporation a program of liability insurance on all facilities and equipment controlled by the Corporation and workers' compensation insurance on all personnel under the management or supervision of the Corporation;PROVIDEDthat if such insurance is not available or is prohibitively expensive, as determinded by the Board of Directors of the Corporation with concurrence of the Governor, then the Corporation shall establish and maintain a special fund to satisfy judgments or settlements on tort claims brought against the Corporation for its operations under this chapter.
  11. To invest all surplus revenues of the Corporation in the expansion and improvement of broadcasting services in Pohnpei.