Public Affairs


General Descriptions of the Public Affairs Office

Office of Public Affairs is responsible for the Inter and Intra-Governmental Affairs, Outer Island Affairs, External Relations, Legislative Liaison, provide liaison and administrative support for Paramount Leaders, and the Public Information.

The Public Affairs Officer within the Office of the Governor shall constantly and continuously monitor all activities of the Corporation and promptly take action or report to appropriate agencies any infraction of the Corporation in the conduct of its operations under this chapter, or of any deviation from the standards of broadcasting ethics commonly held in the professional and technical fields of the broadcasting service.

Supporting Staffs

Following positions and responsibilities are critical for the success of the Public Affairs Office mandates given under the Executive Order which implemented the “2000 Re-organization Act” pursuant to Section 4-2(1) of the S.L.No. 5L-140-00:

Public Affairs Staff


  • Office # (691)+320 2570
  • Extention # 169

Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs Office is headed by the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) who is responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of all responsible areas within the Governor’s Office.

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Elsy Rose Santos

  • Extention #178

Legislative Liaison Officer
Coordinates activities and exchange information with the FSM National Government, sister States, foreign governments and organizations outside of Pohnpei; perform protocol duties in connection with visits of dignitaries to Pohnpei; coordinate a program of submitting, follow up on progress and appropriate action on legislations with the Pohnpei Legislature; coordinate activities and exchange information with Legislature and Judicial Branches ; supervises the U.S. Peace Corp and JOCV host family programs by receiving the requests and deciding who will be the host families; and issue allowances to the host families.

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Billston Charley

  • Extention #169

Protocol Specialist
Coordinates and directs foreign Dignitaries, Local Traditional Leaders, Locals, VIP's, Dept. and offices of the state government who makes courtesy visit to the Governor and LT. Governor, responsible for screening and directing of guests and visitors to the office of the Governor and LT. Governor, responsible for appropriate protocal and proper courtesies to guests who calls.

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Senrina Mauricio

  • Extention #178

Administrative Assistant 1
Assists a supervisor on a variety of administrative matters, relays instruction and orders as directed and supervises offices and non technical function operations, performs important clerical work and exercises independent and un-reviewed judgment in making decisions affecting regular work procedures, maintains and supervises the maintenance of a wide variety of financial and other records, check payrolls, estimates and requisitions; verifies complex statistical and other reports for accuracy and completeness, assist in the preparation and presentation of departmental budgetary requests and periodically inspects records for adherence to budget limitations, summarizes findings and makes recommendations based on findings, attends meetings and conferences, perform related duties as assigned.

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Suannrita Ladore

  • Extention #154

Local Government Liaison Officer/PIO
Assists the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) in coordinating activities and exchange information with provincial entities; coordinate meetings of Pohnpei Chief Executive Council (PCEC); coordinate the activities of the Paramount Chiefs in the affairs of government; coordinate with the outer island governments matters specific to the problems and opportunities of the outer island people; represent Governor to the outer islands during field trip acting as Field Trip Officer and also perform other duties as assigned.

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Tracy-lynn Welson

  • Extention #184

Clerk Typist II
Pulls files and extracts and compile data from them for supervisor's use; receive incoming mail and other materials and logs and routes them to proper staff member; assembles and types various data on cards, records, and form; review a variety of typed material for completion and conformance with established standard and procedure; greets callers and provide necessay information; assists the general in filling out and competing standard form; originate routinge transmittal and acknowledgement; repetitiv clerical work; perform other related duties as assigned.

Extention #151