On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the FSM Vessel, MV Caroline Voyager, homeported in Pohnpei State arrived in Pohnpei waters from dry-dock in Japan where she was undergoing dry-dock operations.  Governor Oliver was officially informed by official communications from the Office of the President on November 5, that Caroline Voyager will be arriving in Pohnpei after observing a 14-day at-sea quarantine period from Japan. The crew will remain in their quarantine zone / onboard Voyager for an additional 14 days at anchorage.

The general public is advised to stay away from Caroline Voyager while they are observing their quarantine at anchorage.  Public Health personnel will be conducting periodic checks with the crew of the Voyager/ onboard including temperature checks and COVID-19 testing prior to their release from quarantine on board Voyager. Initial checks by Pohnpei State Public Health reveals no fever or any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 detected in the crew.

The Department of Public Safety and Pohnpei Port Authority will be conducting security patrols during the quarantine period to ensure no contact is made with the crew onboard while in quarantine at anchorage.


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