11th Pohnpei Legislature Overrides Governor’s Vetoes, Repasses State Law 11L-02-24

Kolonia, Pohnpei: March 15, 2024 – The 11th Pohnpei Legislature has repassed State Law 11L-02-24, overriding line-item vetoes issued by Governor Stevenson A. Joseph. In an official communication, Speaker Yamaguchi informed Governor Joseph that the 11th Pohnpei Legislature had repassed State Law 11L-02-24, thereby providing for the override of the line-item vetoes.

Governor Joseph exercised his authority by vetoing specific line items in State Law 11L-02-24, including allocations for the Pohnpei Sports Commission personnel, immediate rehabilitation of the Spanish Wall softball field, Standing Committees of the Legislature, travel under the Office of the Speaker, and the remaining two items: Participation in the Asia Pacific Association Fiduciary Studies, and funds for the Christmas and Farewell Party which have already been expended.

In his official transmittal to veto line items to Speaker Yamaguchi, Governor Joseph noted $63, 372 for new items and $121,023.00 for increases. Legislature Standing Committee Report No. 15-24 notes “funds proposed in L.B. No 14-24, L.D.1 which was signed into law as S.L. 11L-02-24 is $77,000 of which $61,000 is new money and $16,000 is reshuffled funds. The rest are previous appropriations.”

Governor Joseph’s vetoes, as noted in his transmittal to Speaker Yamaguchi, were guided by a “commitment to fiscal responsibility and the absence of an accompanying Standing Report validating urgency and justifying needs.” It also reflected the fluidity of Pohnpei State’s position due to the unresolved status of sector grants under Compact III. With President Biden’s recent signing of the Compact agreements, these concerns have been addressed, providing greater certainty and stability for Pohnpei State.

The differences in approach between the Executive and Legislative branches highlight the democratic process at work, where divergent viewpoints converge to serve the best interests of the community. Through collaboration and cooperation, both branches strive to ensure that the people of Pohnpei receive their government’s utmost benefit and support.

The Office of Governor Stevenson A. Joseph remains committed to working alongside the Legislature to address the challenges and opportunities facing Pohnpei State. Together, we will continue to pursue policies and initiatives that enhance the well-being and prosperity of all residents.

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