Department of Treasury and Administration

Mrs. Sihna N. Lawrence




The Department of Treasury and Administration shall have the duties set forth in the Financial Organization and Management Act of 1987, as amended. Without limitations, such duties and responsibilities include the receipt, custody, accounting, and disbursement of funds; the collection of taxes and revenues, the acquisition, control and disposal of property; the investment and the management of investment of public funds; and advising the Governor and other officials on financial matters. In addition, the Department shall be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and monitoring all programs concerning: Personal management; manpower development and training; and administration of the Public Service System. The Department shall have the following divisions, each administered by a division chief:


  1. The Director of the Department of Treasury and Administration hereinafter referred to as “Director,” shall direct and supervise all the administrative and technical activities of the Department with respect to this chapter, including its Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower Development and its personnel activity.
  2. The Director shall:
    • Administer the system of personnel administration for the Pohnpei Government;
    • Prepare proposed policies and regulations to carry out this chapter;
    • Cooperate fully with and attend, or assign a qualified representative to attend, all meetings of the personnel review boards organized under §§2-138 – 2-140, and provide the boards with such technical advice as they may require;
    • Appoint other employees of the Department in accordance with all other applicable provisions of law;
    • Establish and maintain a current roster of all officers and employees in the public service, indicating for each the class of position held, the salary, and any other appropriate data;
    • Develop and maintain a system of performance evaluation for the purpose of appraising the productivity of employees in the public service;


Establish and Maintain strict accounting of all public funds; Establish and Maintain bank reconciliation and function as a depository of all funds and revenues received collected and administered by the Pohnpei Government. Prepare and process all payroll checks and other disbursements of public funds, and related functions; maintain reconciliation of the general funds and all special funds; and ensure the availability of funds and the timely payment of, and compliance with all State Financial obligations; and Establish and maintain automated data processing for the purpose of making data entries, preparing and issuing computer-generated status reports, reconciling and verifying the financial System, and all other related functions.

Investment Management

Monitor and, as assigned by the Governor, manage all State financial investments; assists the Governor in the financial aspects of the negotiation of the sale or other disposition of State Government assets and investments. Monitor and advise the Governor on all State Government financial deposits and investments to maximize investment and interest income to the State while complying strictly with all applicable security restrictions or other lawful conventions or regulations.

Procurement and Property Maintenance.

Ensure the Procurement policies and procedures are followed; Manage and Monitor the tangible personal property and fixtures of the Pohnpei government and conduct a periodic inventory of such property; Assists in the preparation of purchase-orders or bid documents, when appropriate.

The Division of Revenue and Taxation

The Division of Revenue and Taxation shall have the following functions and responsibilities; Administer Pohnpei’s laws, rules and regulations concerning taxes and other levies, including the development, administration, amendment, and enforcement of such regulations, rules, and procedures as authorized by laws; Develop and implement tax and revenue audit programs, conduct periodic assessment of taxpayer’s tax report, and implement field audits as necessary; and Conduct periodic reviews of Pohnpei’s tax and revenue laws and recommend any proposed changes to such laws based on experience and changing circumstances. Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower Development The Division of Personnel, Labor, and Manpower Development shall have the following responsibilities:

Labor and Manpower Development

Perform duties and functions of the Pohnpei Apprenticeship Program Act of 1990, the Pohnpei Wage of Hour Law of 1991, and the Pohnpei Residents Employment Act, and as amended or supersede; As a priority, plan, organize, coordinate and monitor programs to promote the development to all levels of proficiency of vocational and manpower skills in post-secondary new-job seekers and of existing workers in private business; discharge these responsibilities in close coordination with the Division of Personnel, labor and Manpower Development; Vocational Skills Development of the Department of Education; and Administer an Employment coordination service to bring together employers needing workers and potential employees including, but not limited to administering the Job Training Partnership Act Program.


Administer the Pohnpei Public Service System and contract employees, and serves as the State’s contracting officer; Assign and administer staff housing; Administer health insurance, life insurance, and workmen’s compensation coverage; and the administer leaves, retirement plans and all other benefits that may be available to the employees of Pohnpei government; Provide technical and advisory assistance to the Executive Branch on all personnel matters, and Establish and maintain any employee relations programs and practices.