Office of Transportation and Infrastructure (T & I)


Saladak Gymnasium New Construction Project

The Pohnpei State Government in the Federated States of Micronesia will receive sealed Bids at the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure until 3:00 PM local time on June 16, 2023, for furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the construction of the project under the contract entitled “SALDAK GYMNASIUM NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECT”

All bid forms shall be typed. All bids shall be placed in an opaque envelope addressed to:






Invitation to Bid – Saladak Gymnasium

The administrator of the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure – IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw, Mr. John Adolph

The Office of Transportation and Infrastructure is responsible for the administration of construction projects, maintenance of government property and infrastructure.  The management of the government field trip ship and other assistance, as well as regulating the provision of public transportation within the State. This Office shall provide administrative assistance to the Contract Review Board and any successor thereto. The chief of this Division shall be the contracting officer for the purpose of capital improvement projects. The specific responsibilities of this Office shall include the following:

Preparation, review, and coordinate of designs, plans specifications, cost estimates, and related matters concerning State-sponsored, funded, or administered capital-improvement projects; assisting local government with the preparation, review, and coordination of designs, plans, specification, cost estimates, and related matters concerning capital improvement projects sponsored, funded and administered by local governments, participate in bid review and award procedures for construction contracts; and establishment and maintenance of engineering record and a technical library.

Establishment and administration of programs, facilities, and equipment for the regular inspection and maintenance of all government property including, but not limited to, vehicles, construction equipment, office equipment, building fixtures, office buildings and residential housing, establishment and administration of the program, facilities and equipment for the regular inspection, maintenance and improvement of roads, pipelines, drainage systems, government real property, and other infrastructure.

Commencing monitoring, inspecting, and certifying the timely progress and satisfactory completion of construction projects or phases thereof; negotiating and administering change orders; certifying construction projects for payment, reviewing the reasons for delayed implementation of all approved capital improvement projects appropriated by the State Legislature, FSM Congress or other funding entities, and arranging for the earliest implementation of the project either in accordance with the initial terms such as recommended changes as are necessary or warranted in order to complete implementation of the pending project and operate the solid waste disposal site.

Public Work Section is responsible for the Field Trip Ship Operation. Manage and operate the State-owned field trip ship such as Micro Glory. This responsibility includes, but not limited to, scheduling for trips to be coordinated with the Public Affairs Officer, the handling of passengers and cargo, the supervision of ship and shore-side personnel, the provisioning, maintenance, repair, and improvement of the vessel(s).

Public Transportation Section to be responsible for assisting and regulating the provision of public transportation with the State of Pohnpei.


T&I Staff:

Administrator: IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw, Mr. John Adolph

Ricky Lebehn

Sam Ordejus

Princeton Johnny

Marvin Terrado

Cindy Saimon