Department of Resources and Development

Hubert Yamada


Resources and Development

The Office of Economic Affairs shall be responsible for Agriculture, Marine Development and Project Planning and Implementation. The Office is responsible for the delivery of technical services to economic development by private producers and entrepreneurs. It is responsible for developing policies, plans, and projects that will encourage economic growth in Pohnpei, in accordance with the overall strategy established by the Economic Planning Commission; for providing technical and analytical assistance to new and ongoing enterprises; for helping enterprises to secure financing and establish markets;

The Office shall seek to identify investment and entrepreneurial skills and opportunity by both foreign and local investors and entrepreneurs; to promote export; and to establish suitable laws, standards, plans, and support programs that may foster the development of sustainable commercial development. The Office shall pursue the fulfillment of the Pohnpei Five Year Plan and shall work with the Economic Planning Commission and other relevant National, State, and local government agencies. The Office shall also coordinate its responsibilities and activities with other departments to balance economic development against the necessary protection, conservation and prudent sustainable use of Pohnpei’s natural resources within the overall goal of sustainable economic development and shall actively provide technical assistance, new technology dissemination, assist with marketing and business management training or advice private producers and entrepreneurs. The Office shall also work closely with the Municipal government and with involved financial institutions. The Office shall not directly engage in commercial activity. The Office shall be organized into three following Sections:


This Section along with the Section on Project Planning and Development shall formulate agricultural development objectives, policies, project, and programs; coordinate with externally funded and staffed technical research entities such as Land Grant and the College of Micronesia/FSM to develop and implement specific experimental or demonstration agricultural projects, including programs to improve genetic strains of livestock breeds, and crops as well as maintaining a source of breeding and plant stock; organize Agricultural Extension Officers to work closely with the Municipal Governments and with farmers, to continuously provide information and technical assistance to farmers to improve crop and livestock production and sustainable development, to improve distribution systems and to obtain less expensive supplies, to provide marketing support and to establish necessary quality standards and inspection services.

Marine Development

This Section shall the Project Planning and Development Section, be responsible for formulation of marine resource and coastal zone development objectives, policies, plans, projects, and programs; coordinate with any suitable external entities such as Sea Grant and the College of Micronesia/FSM to develop and implement specific experimental or demonstration marine resource projects, ensuring that such trials and experiments are either commercially oriented or necessary; and provide information and technical assistance to fishermen and aqua-culturists, to develop an effective Fisheries Extension Officer capability of working closely with Municipal governments and commercial fisheries companies and develop entities to improve the economic opportunities available to semi-subsistence fishermen and inshore farmers.

Project Planning and Development

This Section is responsible for the formulation of development objectives, policies, plans and programs for all other areas besides agriculture and marine development including energy development, tourism, commerce and industry, and etc. In discharging these responsibilities this Section shall:

Establish a regulative involving tourism and establish a consultative and coordinative mechanism involving tourism industry and community participants and financing institutions to promote the orderly development of tourism in Pohnpei, assist in the establishment and externally funded programs to train Pohnpeian Citizens in aspects of the tourism service industry.

Establish policies, plans, and programs to promote the development of commerce and industry in Pohnpei; the Section will establish programs to improve business management skills, conduct feasibility studies, assist private parties to package business proposals for financing or regulatory consideration; promote private investment and savings and identify and encourage financing institutions or programs which can be available to private business in Pohnpei, actively promote foreign investment generally and in particular sectors designated by the Governor as strategic areas; establish policies and programs to assist private businesses in local and overseas marketing and export.

Provide administrative assistance to the Pohnpei Price Control Commission, review, recommend and enforce legislation, rules, regulations, and procedures to prevent or eliminate Unfair Trade Practices such as the domination of the market or elimination of competition by unlawful means, false or fraudulent advertising, or labeling, price-fixing or price discrimination to eliminate fair competition, and the imposition of anti-competitive covenants, and collect, analyze and disseminate information regarding prices and pricing practices.

Develop and disseminate informational and promotional material on business opportunities and conditions in Pohnpei of interests to investors, as directed by Governor, seek foreign investors to undertake private investment in Pohnpei in key strategic areas, and assist foreign investors and local private investors to obtain all necessary approvals and permits for the implementation of their business; develop strategies, policies, goals and programs to promote the establishments and growth of private commerce, especially economically viable exports and import substitution, assist Pohnpei farmers, fishermen and businessmen with the marketing of their products through provision of technical expertise, provision of market information, assistance with product packaging, information on pricing and financial feasibility, information on export/import standards and requirements, monitoring of available freight and distribution facilities and services, searching for prospective buyers and, if requested, assistance with negotiation of marketing and sales arrangements, and establishment of marketing promotion programs on behalf of groups of small producers.

Kaselelie Maingko, Please find posted below Pohnpei State Government Business Registry Update for the year 2021: