Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Administrator: Dahker Abraham

The Office of the FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE IS responsible for the following below:

(1)To improve the health of the offshore marine ecosystem within Pohnpei’s Exclusive Economic Zone for sustainable environmental and economic benefits. Ensuring the long-term health of the ocean can lead to sustainable economic benefits for future generations. Sustainability achieved through balance conservation and economic benefit policies will ensure a more vibrant and productive fisheries sector.

(2)To improve the health of the inshore marine ecosystem. Enacting and implementing sustainable inshore fisheries policies and minimizing negative impacts of land-based activities on lagoons and reefs are essential for the health of the inshore fishery ad the ecosystem upon which it relies. Awareness and training programs can help Pohnpeians and fisheries workers gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills to take responsibility for the health of the inshore marine ecosystem.

(3)To strengthen and improve Pohnpei State’s fisheries management policies, programs, and operations. Long-term ocean and lagoon health depends on prioritizing policies that will lead to sustainable long-and short-term fisheries management programs and operations. Capacity building through the fishing operations and fisheries management system is crucial to successful long-term implementation and enforcement of fisheries policies.

(4)To increase aquaculture activities in a sustainable manner. Sustainably operated aquaculture businesses can provide supplemental revenue-producing opportunities and related employment for Pohnpeians. The creation of alternative fisheries-based economic opportunities, balanced with conservation practices, will contribute to the diversity of Pohnpei’s fisheries economy.

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Tel: (691)320-2795