Pohnpei COVID-19 Response

Kaselelie Maingko,

This page is for sharing documents and updates relating Pohnpei’s State COVID-19 response efforts.

These are Pohnpei’s Constitutional Emergency Orders signed by Governor Oliver, The latest ones are on top.

CEO 20-15

CEO 20-14



CEO 20-11

PNI COVID-19 CEO 20-10

CEO No 20-09

C.E.O No. 20-08

C.E.O No. 20-07 attached down below:

During the 10th Pohnpei State Legislature’s fifth regular and special session, two resolutions were adopted, LR 82-21 and LR 85-21, revoking Constitutional Emergency Orders 20-06 and 20-07.

The first Legislative Resolution (LR) 82-21, adopted on June 8, 2021 revoked Constitutional Emergency Order (CEO) 20-06, which expired on 10 June 2021, and further amends the previous CEO 20-05, “for a period of ninety (90) days counting from April 10, 2021.”

CEO 20-05 was amended by Legislative Resolution (LR) 74-21 dissolving the Pohnpei State Emergency Task Force and establishing the Pandemic Readiness and Response Unit, among other amendments, and was set to expire on June 9, 2021.

A full summary of LR 74-21 amending CEO 20-05 can be found here:


The second Legislative Resolution (LR) 85-21, adopted on June 11, 2021, revokes CEO 20-07, which followed the expiration of CEO 20-06 and was signed by Governor Oliver to continue Pohnpei State Government’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LR 85-21 addresses CEO 20-07 as:

Unnecessary insofar as the constitutionally valid and functional Constitutional Emergency Order No. 20-05, as amended and extended by L.R. Nos 74-21, L.D.1 and 82-21, presently exists which order more appropriately the continuing dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In short, Pohnpei State continues in a state of emergency under the amended Constitutional Emergency Order 20-05 for a period of 90 days counting from April 10, 2021.

A legal analysis of both resolutions by the State Attorney General’s Office is forthcoming and will be shared with the public. The Governor’s Office continues to work with the 10th Pohnpei State Legislature to address the ongoing and imminent threat of COVID-19. 

C.E.O No. 20-05 attached down below:
CEO 20-05 amended

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, Governor Oliver held a meeting in the Governor’s Cabinet Conference Room to discuss the adoption of Legislative Resolution (LR) 74-21, amending Constitutional Executive Order (CEO) 20-05, by the 10th Pohnpei State Legislature. CEO 20-05 as amended, effectively dissolved the Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force in its entirety created on March 11, 2020, to address the extreme and persistent dangers and demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and in lieu created a Unit/Commission to take over the duties, functions, and responsibilities of the former.

The notable amendments are as follows:

  • Creation of Pandemic Readiness and Response Unit (PRRU) in lieu of COVID-19 Task Force
  • General admission is granted but with priorities based on listed traveler categories.
  • Allowance of Human Remains (HR) deceased, as a result of COVID-19.
  • The expiration of the Order is June 09, 2021.
  • Maximum penalties for any violation of CEO 20-05 is up to a $2,000.00 fine or 2 years imprisonment or both.

The PRRU is comprised of:

  • Chief of the Division of Primary Health Care of the Department of Health Services
  • Executive Officer of the Pohnpei Environmental Protection Agency
  • Director of the Department of Public Safety
  • General Manager of the Pohnpei Port Authority
  • The Attorney General
C.E.O No. 20-04 attached below:
C.E.O No. 20-03 attached down below: