Kolonia, Pohnpei: January 19, 2024 – Ms. Therese Hart and Pedrus Helgenberger from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) paid a courtesy call on Governor Stevenson A. Joseph to discuss their recent presence in Pohnpei and their ongoing pilot project in collaboration with the local community. Ms. Hart shared that CRS opened their Pohnpei office in September, having established a presence in Micronesia since 2017 in Yap and 2019 in Chuuk, with funding from USAID. The current pilot project in Kolonia focuses on recycling and reusing plastic, and Governor Joseph expressed his excitement about the initiative, offering the assistance of the State to support the project. Ms. Hart expressed gratitude and mentioned that CRS is progressing step by step with the pilot project, which not only aims to recycle plastic but also repurpose it into useful items for local use or sale. The meeting concluded with a positive outlook on collaboration between CRS and the Pohnpei State Government for the success of the recycling initiative


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  1. Kudos Mr. Patrick Pedrus, PIO – Our office is very excited to get this important project up and running! Kalahngan en coverage!

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