Office of Overseas Development Assistance


Office of Overseas Development Assistance

ShirleyAnn Ligohr

Pohnpei ODA Coordinator


The Pohnpei State ODA office is responsible for facilitating, coordinating and supporting the processes described herein. within their respective jurisdictions.



Core responsibilities of the state ODA Office include, but are not limited to:

Provision of advice regarding ODA opportunities and strategies;
Consolidation and disseminate of ODA data and information, including with FSM Finance for grant awards and ODA agreements;
Collection of monitoring and evaluation data and information for ODA priorities for the state government’s projects;
Supporting the development of requests for assistance;
Facilitating processes for determining ODA priorities and endorsement of requests for assistance; and
Coordinate between jurisdictions for ODA matters.
Provide annual capacity building workshops to assist the private sector and NGO’s to apply for ODA
Consolidating and disseminating state-wide ODA data and information;
Consolidation and maintenance of a repository of ODA agreements;
Update and maintenance of a public website that consolidates ODA opportunities;
Research into ODA opportunities and trends;
Day-to-day liaison with development partners regarding strategic ODA matters;
Support the development of ODA management capacity at Local level; and
Liaison with the FSM ODA Office and the FSM Department for Foreign Affairs for the submission and receipt of decision-making for official, unsolicited requests for assistance.

In addition to its role as custodian of POHNPEI STATE GOVERNMENTs ODA information, the State ODA Office is responsible for the following tasks:

Timely submission of official, unsolicited requests for assistance, receipt of development partner decision-making; and execution of endorsed ODA agreements and frameworks for state-wide assistance;
Seek clarification from relevant State government departments or offices where ambiguity exists in relation to ODA matters, prior to representation to development partners;
Timely sharing of all ODA-related information with FSM ODA and FSM Finance; and
Act as an unqualified champion for endorsed ODA requests for assistance in all dealings with development partners.

NOTE: The State office is not responsible for the drafting of requests for assistance, nor is it responsible for decision-making regarding ODA priorities.



Links to important ODA documents:

1)Pohnpei State Donor Map – June 2021 – grants & TA only VER2 (1)

2) S.L. No. 10L-65-21

3)Pohnpei State ODA Policy 2021 (2)