On November 19, 2020, at 10:00 am Governor Oliver, Lt. Governor Perman, and Cabinet members, the leadership of the Executive Branch,  joined  Vice Speaker Edwin, representing Speaker Lambert, Floor Leader Miguel, and seven other honorable members of 10th Pohnpei Legislature and several Local Chief Executives and welcomed the policy representatives and management of  FSM Telecommunications Corporation and the National Oceanic Resource Maritime Authority (NORMA) and management staff of the FSMT Cable Corporation/ Open Access Entity (OAE)  in the Governor’s Conference for a Joint State Leadership meeting. 

The Joint State Leadership Meeting included presentations by FSMTC CEO/President, Mr. Fredy Perman, Open Access Entity FSMT Cable Corporation, Mr. Gordon Segal, and Executive Director of NORMA, Mr. Eugene Pangelinan.  

Governor Oliver welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with short remarks, clarifying the purpose of the meeting was “not to debate and interrogate but to educate and consult for services to our people to continue and improve.”

CEO/President of FSMTC, Mr. Fredy Perman started the presentations with the background of FSMTC from its creation in 1981 to the 2014 Telecommunications Act, creating the open access entity FSMT Cable Corporation and Telecommunication Regulation Authority (TRA),  to liberalize telecommunications in the FSM to the current issues and challenges facing FSMTC.  Mr. Gordon Segal from the Open Access Entity (OAE) FSMT Cable Corporation gave a presentation to inform the leadership of the OAE’s background, responsibilities, and challenges in terms of liberalization in line with the 2014 Telecommunications Act.  

Executive Director of NORMA, Mr. Eugene Pangelinan gave the final presentation accompanied by Ms. Camille Movick-Inatio, business economist, and Mr. Florian Yatilman from the FSM Department of Resources and Development. The presentation shared specific points specific to Pohnpei of a draft FSM fisheries policy that aims to leverage the current vessel day scheme (VDS) to develop onshore fisheries facilities.  

As part of closing remarks, Floor Leader McGarry Miguel thanked Governor Oliver for the opportunity to have the Legislative and Executive branches of the Government come together with the Municipal Chiefs to hear these important presentations that will better inform all decision-makers at all levels of Government to continue to improve the lives of the people of Pohnpei.


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