Palikir, Pohnpei: March 12, 2024 – Governor Stevenson A. Joseph joined His Excellency Wesley A. Simina, President of the Federated States of Micronesia, in a celebration at the Office of the President to mark the passage of the amended Compact of Free Association by U.S. President Joseph Biden on March 9, 2024. The informal gathering, hosted by President Simina, was attended by esteemed leaders, including the Governor of Chuuk, T.H. Alexander Narruhn, and virtually by T.H. Charles Chieng, Governor of Yap, T.H. Tulensa Palik, Governor of Kosrae, and T.H. Francis Itimai, Lt. Governor of Yap.

President Simina expressed heartfelt thanks to all attendees for their presence at the informal gathering, emphasizing the significance of the compact signing. A celebratory toast was made in honor of this historic event, marking a milestone in the ongoing partnership between the Federated States of Micronesia and the United States of America.

During the gathering, President Simina distributed copies of an Emergency Declaration, responding to the El Nino weather conditions and the State’s declarations. Discussions were centered around the upcoming months, with a particular focus on an update on compact funding presented by Mr. Kemsky Sigrah from the Compact Management Unit office. Additionally, preparations for Strategic Development Plans were outlined, setting the stage for future regional growth and progress.

Governor Joseph expressed his sincere congratulations and gratitude for the successful signing of the Compact. He appreciated the opportunity for an informal meeting with fellow leaders, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in addressing regional challenges. Governor Joseph extended deep gratitude for the National Government’s assistance in response to Pohnpei State’s emergency declaration, with plans to submit a comprehensive closeout report on the recent outer island damage assessment.

Governor Joseph also shared insights into the ongoing preparations for a Strategic Development Plan for Pohnpei, assuring that action plans would be collaboratively developed and shared with the National Government to contribute to the overall advancement of the region.

The gathering underscored the shared commitment to mutual prosperity and strengthened relationships among the leaders of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Also in attendance were: the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration, Rose Nakanaga, Acting Secretary of the Department of Justice, Leonito Bacalando, President’s Chief of Staff Jane Chigyal, Special Assistant for State Affairs Jack Harris, Special Assistant to the President Khandi Elieisar, FSM Public Information Officer Yolanda Joab Mori, Special Assistant to Chuuk Governor Roger Mori, Economist to Chuuk Governor Mr. Roger Arnold.

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