Local Entrepreneurs Share Sustainable Business Venture with Governor Joseph

March 13, 2024 — Local entrepreneurs Mr. Westcott Panuelo, Mr. Aspen Apis, and Mr. Enlet Enlet Jr. paid a courtesy visit to Governor Joseph to introduce their innovative business venture, North Pacific Aqua Trading. The trio shared their vision of establishing a sustainable enterprise centered around the sale of sea cucumbers, harnessing the rich natural resources of our ocean.

North Pacific Aqua Trading aims to leverage the support of COM Land Grants Nursery and technical expertise on sea cucumbers to create a thriving business that aligns with environmental sustainability. The entrepreneurs expressed their commitment to responsible resource utilization and their desire to contribute positively to the local economy.

During the meeting, the entrepreneurs requested a follow-up session to elaborate further on their business concept and discuss potential collaborations with the Pohnpei State Government. Governor Joseph congratulated the trio for their entrepreneurial spirit, commended their dedication to sustainability, and assured them of his full support.

Governor Joseph shared insights from a prior meeting with COM Land Grant Executive Director Stanley Lorrenij, who hinted at exciting project collaborations on the horizon. The Governor supported the idea of key personnel from the Pohnpei State Government joining the entrepreneurs’ presentation to foster collaboration and enhance the success of North Pacific Aqua Trading.

This promising initiative exemplifies Pohnpei State’s commitment to sustainable development and responsible business practices. As the entrepreneurs prepare for the follow-up meeting, anticipation grows for the potential positive impact of North Pacific Aqua Trading on the local economy and environment.


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