Governor Oliver attended a graduation ceremony at the Department of Public Safety on Friday, November 5, 2021. The Director of the Department of Public Safety, Mr. Patrick Carl, delivered welcoming remarks and explained that 12 personnel were re-certified, 5 new certifications, and 3 volunteers completed an Emergency Responder Course taught by Instructor and Consultant from Guam, Mr. Darren Burrier. Additionally, a First Aid/CPR Instructor course was delivered with four instructors completing the course and teaching their first class to 10 Public Safety employees already.
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Instructor and consultant, Mr. Darren Burrier, delivered remarks before presenting certificates of completion with Governor Oliver, Director Carl, and Chief of Fire &Emergency Services Joseph Ainstain. He spoke of the firefighter’s increased knowledge and confidence, noting that their skills and level of proficiency shown during their training is something for Pohnpei to be proud of. He made special note of the three volunteers who completed the training course.
Governor Oliver commended the firefighters, policemen, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to complete the course. He reminded them all that they are entrusted with the public’s trust for emergency services and on behalf of the people of Pohnpei expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for their service. He also made special note of the volunteer’s time and dedication and for the families’ patience and understanding.
A special award of service was presented to Mr. Kenio Harry, now retired, for his years of service as an Ambulance Driver. Mrs. Norleen Oliver Deorio presented the award on behalf of the Director of the Department of Health and Social Services.
Firefighter Jimmy Edward was the Valedictorian of the class with Firefighter Sergeant Josen Villazon as the Salutatorian.
Emergency Response Course (EMR) re-certificate:
1. Director Patrick Carl
2. Chief Joseph Ainstain
3. Captain Wendolin Lainos
4. Lt. Jason Gonzaga
5. Sgt. Antricko Amor
6. Sgt. Joson Villazon
7. Sgt. Wesley Ferdinand
8. Firefighter I Alfred Damarlane
9. Ambulance Driver (AD) Kostan Primo
10. AD Dalfred Perez
11. AD Benites Ponapart
12. AD Welly John
New EMR Certificate:
1. Firefighter (FF) I Mike Lucas
2. FF I Jimmy Edward
3. FF I Logan Daniel
4. FF I Alray Cantero
5. FF I Fernando Atles
Volunteer EMR certificate:
1. Pentura Kariti
2. Dwayne David
3. Stivick Jacob
First Aid/CPR Instructor Course Certificate:
1. Director Patrick Carl
2. Chief Joseph Ainstain
3. Lt. Jason Gonzaga
4. FF I Mike Lucas
First Aid and CPR Certificate:
1. Sgt Jermis Noket
2. PO I Jerren Herson
3. Detective Alvin Martin
4. Detective Brenson Rodriguez
5. Correction Officer Kenray Maino
6. Correction Officer Releen Helgenberger
7. Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) Sgt. Antonio Mallarme Jr.
8. DFT Lucas Ifamilik Jr.
9. Patrol Officer Jason Moya
10. Patrol Officer Jeffrey Ponapart
Special Award: Mr. Kenio Harry


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