Kalahngan to the SDA High School Debate Team. Vice Principal and Advisor, Leighton Edward and six members of the team, visited Governor Oliver on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, to ask questions relating to this year’s Law Day debate theme: NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia shall enact legislation establishing a minimum wage for the FSM.
The students asked questions relating to the current minimum wage in Pohnpei and any future plans on raising the wage in preparation for their upcoming debate. Governor Oliver and Ms. Shirley-Ann Ligohr, who heads Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) and secretariat for the Economic Planning Commission (EPC), advised the students that formal communications have been submitted to the 10th Pohnpei State Legislature requesting an increase to the minimum wage from $1.75 to $2.00. Governor Oliver thanked Mr. Edward and the students for their visit and their continued quest for knowledge, he congratulated the previous SDA team for winning last year’s debate and encouraged this year’s team to do their best.
The first debate is scheduled for April 5, 2022, with the next debate scheduled for April 21, 2022.
The team members who accompanied Mr. Edward to the Governor’s Office:
Sharlynn Sakios
Sophia Bacalando
Sean Ruepong
Noah Hadley
Caitlin Nanpei


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