Pakair sang FSM Social Security Administration, Pohnpei Branch ong koaros me kin ketiki sapwelimamwail imwin sounpwong ni Ohpis en Social Security.  Patodahn check en imwin sounpwong en July pahn tepida Niare, July 28, 2020, kuloak duwahu ni-menseng (9:00 AM).

Ong koaros me kin ketiki nan Posto, nan Bank de ni Institution teikan, wasa me kupwuramwail ketin kilelehdier en ketki ie, pahn ketiki Nialem, July 31, 2020.

Pwehki Pohnpei ah ketket nan irair en doare soumwahu COVID-19, Ohpis en Social Security, Pohnpei Branch pil pekpekihte wiawihdahn sapwelimamwail bank account de pwuhk en Bank pwe sahpis en direct deposit me konehng nan ansou apwal wet.

 Mwuri, komwi anahne pwarodo ansou mwadang ni Ohpis en Social Security oh audehda “Change of Address” Form. Komwi pil anahne ketkihdo sapwelimomwi daropwehn bank me iei (Bank Receipt), de pwuhken Bank de bank statement me kadedehda me mwaromwi me pato pohn account wet.  Ma mie sapwelimomwi iren kalelapak, a komwi wehwehdo pwehki ehu pene en kak mie. Komw kak eker delepwohn nempe 320-2709 de 320-2181 de email address:


This announcement is to inform all FSM Social Security Monthly beneficiaries who obtain their benefit checks at the Pohnpei SS Branch Office, please be informed that issuance of monthly benefit checks will begin on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

For those who obtain their monthly pensions at the Banks, Post Office, and other Institutions, availability of their pensions shall be on Friday, July 31, 2020.

We humbly ask that beneficiaries without accounts take the responsibility now to apply up Bank Accounts in order to accommodate the restrictions as to the pandemic as we try to follow strategies to be COVID-19 free. Furthermore, when the account is fixed, please visit the Branch Office for completion of the “Change of Address” form, and present the Bank Receipt, or the Bank Book, or Bank statements that indicate ones possession of the account.

Kindly observe and respect the pre-cautions for COVID-19 so that distribution days will go smoothly and peacefully.

Kalahngan en kupwur koaros



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