Peilapalap, Pohnpei – On Saturday, February 6, 2021, The Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Governor of Pohnpei State, signed the Constitutional Emergency Order (CEO) 20-04, extending the state of emergency for the State of Pohnpei for an additional 30 days from February 7, 2021.   

This is a new CEO since CEO 20-03 as amended expired without any action from Legislature.  This new CEO 20-04 carries everything over for another 30 days.

All provisions relating to international and state travel remain the same. No disembarkation is allowed except under exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Interstate travel is permitted.




PDF file below:

Const. Emeregency Order 1 (1)

Const. Emeregency Order (2) (1)

Const. Emeregency Order (3) (2)Const. Emeregency Order 4 (1)

Const. Emeregency Order 5 (1)



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