Date Released: February 8, 2021
Official Statement: COVID-19
– On Saturday, February 6, 2021, FSM Department of Health personnel boarded the MS Chief Mailo, from an FSM National Police vessel to conduct vaccinations on the crew and passengers.
– The FSM Health Staff did not follow the established protocols by checking in at the Emergency Operations Center at the Department of Public Safety or Pohnpei Port Authority, instead launching from Mangrove Bay.
– Pohnpei State Department of Public Safety Chief Mailo Security team observed three individuals, confirmed as FSM Department of Health personnel, board the MS Chief Mailo without personnel protective equipment (PPE).
– Of the three FSM health staff and six FSM National Police observed who approached the MS Chief Mailo, only three have been placed in quarantine.
The Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force would like to confirm that as of February 7, 2021, no disembarkation onto Pohnpei from MS Chief Mailo crew or passengers has taken place.
On Saturday, February 6, 2021, the Pohnpei State Department of Public Safety Chief Mailo security team observed one FSM Police vessel approach the MS Chief Mailo at anchorage in Pohnpei’s lagoon. The purpose and intent of the visit was to vaccinate the crew and passengers of the MS Chief Mailo.
In an email from FSM Task Force Chairman, Dr. Livingston Taulung to Pohnpei State Chairman, Mr. Wincener David, it was noted:
“we are moving forward with vaccination today with all the safety requirements to be followed by our Team. The sooner these crews on CM (Chief Mailo) get vaccinated on their 1st dose the sooner they can get their 2nd dose for better Covid coverage and further reduce the conerbed risks. I tend to lean towards the premise that if we vaccinate these individuals here the more likely that our colleagues in Chuuk to accept CM”
As observed by the Pohnpei State Public Safety and Health Department staff, there was not a single individual in personal protective equipment (PPE), and very few even had masks on. To reduce the “cornerbed” risks and all risks, Pohnpei State’s established protocol to check-in at the Department of Public Safety then onto the Pohnpei Port Authority to provide the appropriate PPE was not followed this time.
The FSM Police vessel with three health staff and six FSM National Police returned to their embarkation point at Mangrove Bay, where Pohnpei State Health and Public Safety personnel then disinfected their gear and vessel.
Furthermore, as a safety precaution, it was advised by the Chairman of the Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force and Dr. Rally Jim to the FSM Department of Health and FSM National Police staff who visited Chief Mailo, that a 7-day quarantine period is recommended since no PPE was used. Although the POSITIVE case onboard the Chief Mailo has been classified as a ‘historical” case, Dr. Rally Jim, Task Force Medical Advisor, and Public Health Chief has advised that minimal risk is still present, until a NEGATIVE test result can be confirmed.
The Director of Public Safety, Mr. Patrick Carl, also advised Governor Oliver and the Pohnpei State Task Force that at 12:15 AM on February 7, 2021, FSM Patrol Boat #3 pulled alongside MS Chief Mailo where a young boy was transferred onto the Patrol Boat, presumably the 12-year-old boy from Polowat, Chuuk and left Pohnpei waters.
As of February 7, 2021, only three of the nine individuals who visited MS Chief Mailo are in quarantine at the Emergency Medical Unit (formerly China Star) at Dekehtik. The following individuals are requested to return as soon as possible to undergo a 7-day quarantine period:
Ansa Albert
Antonio Harris
Francis Olter
Marvin Peter
Joanes Sarofalpiy
Carter Apaisam
The Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force places the health and safety of the people of Pohnpei, all who live in Pohnpei, as an important and sacred responsibility. A list of the above-named individuals has already been submitted to the FSM COVID-19 Task Force for their cooperation and assistance.
For credible sources of information on COVID-19, visit:
Pohnpei State Facebook:
V6AH Radio station/Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation YouTube:
Pohnpei State Government website:
Pohnpei State Department of Health and Social Services:
Office of the President, Public Information Office:
For general information about COVID-19, contact 320-3109, listen to daily updates on V6AH Radio or visit the official Pohnpei State Government Facebook page: Pohnpei State Enginkehlap, or website:


One thought on “Chief Mailo Update February 8, 2021”
    October 29, 2020

    There are very few people who want to ask the critical questions. There are very few people who are capable of asking the critical questions. What is a virus? Do you know what a virus is? Do you know viruses exist, or do you just believe they exist? Do you think you know they exist simply because that is what you have been told by television programming and educational indoctrination? What is a virus? Do you know? If not, then you clearly simply believe they exist. Do they really even exist? How do you know?

    The fact of the matter is that even proponents of viruses – those who promote the concept of viruses, which is highly beneficial to their financial status in many cases – will even tell you that a virus is a “nonliving particle.” Yet, out of the same mouth they will tell you “a virus will die” or “you can kill a virus” with hand soap. Really? How do you kill something that is not alive? If you ask them that they will come up with some cockamamie doublespeak telling you how it is not alive but not dead. Really? They even acknowledge that a virus has no eyes, no mouth, no nose, no orifices at all, no arms, no legs, no digestive system and no reproductive system. It is simply a nonliving particle. But you can “kill” it?

    The real question is what is that nonliving particle?

    What they refer to as a “virus” is nothing more than fragmented cell debris from expired cells, which are part of your own body – HARMLESS. They are nothing more than specs that have been detected in dead tissue that has been chemically treated, placed in a vacuum, scanned with a scanning electron microscope and interpreted (misinterpreted) (deliberately misinterpreted) as “disease causing microbes” – a convenient money-making interpretation for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Medical and Education Industries.

    Numerous products and services rely upon the concepts of “viruses” and “viral contagion” in order to thrive. Many people buy it hook, line and swab.

    The CONCEPT of “viruses” as invasive, infectious, contagious creatures – “invisible enemies” – is a completely contrived, manufactured, strategically fabricated, cleverly concocted, cunningly crafted and devilishly devised myth turned into reality. It is used to funnel billions of dollars into the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and education systems – and to manipulate and control people through ignorance and fear. It is the perfect weapon for those in power and control – a spell manifested by widespread propaganda and indoctrination that has made “viruses” real in the minds of many.

    The following quote is a comment that was made when this was posted on Facebook, which demonstrates the depths to which human ability to reason and use critical thinking has decayed and sunk into the abyss of intellectual destitution: “Flour and yeast and sugar and salt are not living….add them together with some water and watch what happens to those non living particles.” I had to respond as follows: “Yeast is a living particle. And bread does not multiply itself and destroy the stove. Your mind is stuck in their spell. Oh, yeah… and bread does not move around throughout society placing itself on shopping carts, counter tops, steering wheels and flying all through the air.”

    Many people would rather believe a lie than think their way out of one. Sadly, many people do not have the ability to navigate their minds out of believing a lie. For those who do not love and seek the truth – for those who would rather argue in favor of “viruses” being real, as if they hope for “viruses” to really exist – we can do NOTHING for them. For those who love and seek the Truth, we published our website to compile information that will help them to unravel the lies, escape the spell of the mainstream FAKE NEWS media-driven propaganda and indoctrination and free themselves from the HOAX.

    Get informed and educated, or be left behind!

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