On Thursday, September 16, 2021, another group of repatriated residents and citizens arrived in Pohnpei after 10 days of pre-quarantine in Guam. They are now in quarantine at Dekehtik.
A new and deadly COVID-19 virus strain, Delta Variant, is spreading at an alarming rate, affecting the world, across the US including Hawaii and Guam, our gateways to Pohnpei and our islands. Our only sure safeguard from this deadly variant to our families, friends, communities, states, and the nation is to fully comply with the established medical procedures to ensure protection through proper management of a quarantining process.
Doctors and medical experts have credited Pohnpei’s success so far in preventing the virus from entering Pohnpei to its quarantine operation and process in Dekehtik. The basic premise of Pohnpei’s quarantine success so far has been the hearts of those people who care and comply with the established procedures and rules. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.
For the latest group, Pohnpei State Government leadership extends reverence and sincere gratitude to Wasalapalap Isipahu, His Majesty Herbet Hebel, for his exemplary deeds and unspeakable humility that speaks volumes to the premium he exacts on the value of humanity – the safety of the very lives of his own people here in Pohnpei.
As the Paramount Traditional Chief of Pohnpei, His Majesty not only humbly complies with the quarantine rules so he can help save the lives of his people but exemplifies what a true leader should do in times of hardship and difficulty. These rules and procedures are His, made specifically to protect his kingdom from being decimated by this deadly virus.
With the COVID -19 delta variant on the rise, particularly in Guam, the risk of bringing this deadly virus to Pohnpei on any vessel by air or sea any day now is a real threat.
It is very important to know that the delta variant spreads faster and has a shorter incubation period. The people of Pohnpei as a community are asked to be mindful to support what the COVID-19 Task Forces and supporting agencies are doing. They are tirelessly working on prevention. Preventing that deadly variant from entering our Island and infecting our communities. Thanks to Isipahu, for supporting these unrelenting efforts with his example to comply with prevention efforts.
Right now, no one, including medical experts and scientists, can be 100% certain that the variant will not enter Pohnpei and FSM. Therefore, we need to, again and again, emphasize and urge everyone who can be vaccinated to please get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. At the same time, we all should remain steadfast with the health and sanitary habits of simple hand washing and other appropriate health practices and etiquettes.
Our vaccination efforts focus on everyone eligible to receive the vaccine. Yes, it is your choice, but we implore everyone to please think of it as a way to protect yourself and others, especially your very own loved ones. This is crucial at this point, because of the imminent threat of the delta variant. Our records are still showing a significant number of residents that are eligible for vaccination remain unvaccinated at this point. The higher the percentage of vaccination in Pohnpei the safer our families and our people will be. Thanks to our Paramount Chief, Wasalapalap Isipahu, His Majesty Herbet Hebel, and Likend Kelekel. Let us pray for their safe passage, and the rest of the repatriates, through this process and pay respect to his leadership by example. When every resident and citizen follows this example, Pohnpei will be blessed and remain safe from COVID-19 for a long time to come.


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