Peilapalap, Kolonia, June 12, 2022 – After an official request to the FSM National Government by Acting Governor, Hon. Christina Elnei, to delay repatriation to June 15, 2022 due to insufficient time to properly prepare quarantine facilities, 71 passengers arrived on June 11, 2022.
The Acting Governor’s request to delay repatriation was based on the fact that the Medical Monitoring Area (MMA) quarantine facility housed two positive cases up until June 11, 2022. This prevented health personnel from entering MMA to properly disinfect the facility and prepare for the next group of repatriates.
The quarantine facility at EMU or the former China Star does not have enough rooms to properly accommodate all the repatriates. As a result, many of the passengers who arrived on June 11, 2022, have to wait in the lobby of the former China Star until their accommodations are ready.
We apologize to the repatriates and their families for this inconvenience. Their safety, the safety of our health and security staff, and the safety of our people are paramount. This was the reason for the official request to the FSM National government to delay or postpone the repatriation from June 11, 2022, to June 15, 2022, after receiving the expert advice and recommendations of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) of the Pandemic Readiness Response Commission (PRRC) and the Quarantine facility manager, Mrs. Marcy Lorrin. We are working hard to safely provide accommodations to all passengers as soon as possible.
Peilapalap, Kolonia. Mwurin Acting Governor Honorable Christina Elnei eh patohwen kadarehng FSM National Government pekpek ehu ni June 11, 2022 ong peidihn irail akan me ketket de patopato nan prequarantine nan wein Guam en kapwandala sang ni June 11, 2022 ong ni June 15, 2022, oh pekpek wet sang ni wasahn quarantine kan eh saik kaunopada mwahu, irail passenger de me ketin/patohwen seiloakodo sang nan wein Guam meh Isiakan Emen peidi ni June 11, 2022.
En Acting Governor ah tungoal pekpek ong kapwandala wet sang ni wasahn quarantine nan MMA eh saikinte kaunopda mwahu pwehki positive case me patpato nan MMA o eh patohieisang nan MMA ni June 11, 2022, elehda eh sohla itar ansou mwahu irail tohn doadoahk kan en patohwen winiehda, kamwakelehda oh kaunopada mwahu wasahn quarantine wet.
En Acting Governor ah tungoal pekpek ong kapwandala wet pil sang ni eh sansal me EMU de China Star sohte itar en apwalih irail akan me pahn ketdo de patohdo kan. Pwehki soh kaunopada mwahu pwukat, ekei irail me ketin/patohwen peidi ni June 11, 2022 anahne ketket de patpato nan China Star lobby o lau sapwelmarail de arail tungoal wasa nan MMA pahn kaunopda mwahu.
Sakar misik lap pahn kupwuren irail akan me ketin/patohwen peidi ni June 11, 2022 ong soansued oh souitar akan koaros.
Sapwelmarail de arail tungoal rosonmwahu, en irail tohn doadoahk kan arail tungoal oh sapwelmen tohn wehi unsek rosonmwahu kesemwpwalsang meh koaros. Ih kahrepe kesemwpwal pwukat me pekpek wiawihkilahng FSM National Government en kapwandehla seiloak wet sang ni June 11, 2022 ong ni June 15, 2022, sang ni kaweid oh repwoht en irail toahkte kan nan PRRC de Pohnpei Task Force oh Quarantine Manager Mrs. Marcy Lorrin.
Sapwelmamwail tohn doadoahk kan patohwen nannantihieng pwe wasahn quarantine kan en kaunopada mwahu oh onopehng apwalih kupwur akan koaros.


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