1. Special Cabinet Meeting


July 4, 2022, Peilapalap, Kolonia – Governor Oliver held a special cabinet meeting in the Governor’s conference room.  The special cabinet meeting is the first official meeting held by Governor Oliver since his return to Pohnpei and release from quarantine.  The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and First and Second Ladies of Pohnpei observed seven days of quarantine in the Medical Monitoring Area (MMA) in Dekehtik and were released on Saturday, July 2, 2022.  

Ni July 04, 2022, Kepina en weihn Pohnpei, the Honorable Reed B. Oliver, patohwen mihting ohng eh tungoal  cabinet member kan mwurin eh pwurodohr Pohnpei oh kapidohi sang nan wasahn quarantine MMA Dekehtik ni July 02, 2022.  Kepina, Keriau en Kepina, First Lady en weihn Pohnpei oh Second Lady koaros pwurodohr Pohnpei oh patohlong nan quarantine rahn isuh.  

Governor Oliver took the time before the meeting to thank the Director of the Department of Treasury and Administration, Ms. Christina Elnei for her hard work and dedication as the Acting Governor of Pohnpei State during his and Lt. Governor Perman’s absence.  Ms. Elnei served as the first female Acting Governor of Pohnpei State from May 16, 2022, to July 3, 2022. 

Nan wie lamalam en rahno, Kepina patohwen wia eh tungoal kaping oh kalahngan ong director en Kempahn Mwohni, Ms. Christina Elnei, me wia Acting Governor ong ansou me Kepina oh Keriau en Kepina koaros sohte patohki Pohnpei oh pwehki doadoahk mwahu kan me Ms. Elnei patohwen wiahda.  Ms. Christina Elnei patohwen wia pwukoahn Acting Governor en weihn Pohnpei sang ni May 16 lel July 03, 2022, keieun lih nan Pohnpei me wia Kepina. 

Part of the special cabinet meeting’s agenda included an update on the upcoming Micronesian Exposition planned for July 18, 2022, by the Director of the Department of Resources and Development, Mr. Hubert Yamada. An update on the expected opening of borders by August 1, 2022, was made by Pohnpei Pandemic Readiness and Response Commission Chairperson (PRRC) Norleen O. DeOrio.

Ireh kan me pwarada nan wielamalam en rahno iei me iangahki; kapwar tiahk me kosondier en wiawi ni July 18 lel 22 sang kempahn R&D oh kosondi en pwurehngehr langadahn seilokodo ong nan wehi kan en FSM me pahn tepida ni August 01 en par wet, nin duwen kosondi me mie sang FSM government.  Repwohtpen ire wet wiawi sang Pohnpei Task Force (PRRC) Chairperson Norleen O. DeOrio. 

The lessons learned from countries that have re-opened their borders during the COVID-19 pandemic are being used for Pohnpei’s preparation in collaboration with FSM Health, WHO, and CDC. Here are some details on the preparation efforts:

E pil sansal nan tuhpene en cabinet member kan rahno me Pohnpei ketin patehng FSM, WHO oh CDC oh tehk kaweid kan me sang wehi teikan me pwurehngehr ritingada arail tungoal kosondi en seilok nan irair en COVID-19 wet.  Eri iet iren kaunop kan me mie ong weihn Pohnpei:


  • Requirements for inbound travelers to Pohnpei: 1) Fully Vaccinated  plus booster 2) Test Negative for COVID-19
  • Ong me pahn seilokodohng Pohnpei anane sohng riau: 1) kanekelahr dok en silasil en COVID-19 iangahki booster; 2) Test negative ong COVID-19
  • Setting up two Treatment and Testing Centers (Pohnlongas gym and PICS gym)
  • Pohnlangas gym oh PICS gym pahn kaunopada en wia wasahn test oh apwalih luhmwuhmw de kepinsalehd COVID-19
    • Mild cases will be treated and sent home for home isolation
    • Luhmwuhmw de kepinsalehd marahra kan pahn epwel oh pwurala ni tehnpas akan
    • Severe cases transported to the hospital
    • Luhmwuhmw de kepinsalehd me luwet akan pahn peidaidla imwen wini
    • Staffed by 23 with one ambulance at each center
    • Tohn doadoahk 23 me pahn apwalih ehu ehu wasa kosondi pwukat oh ambulance pahn pil mie ong wasa pwukat; Pohnlangas oh PICS gym


Cabinet members were asked to align their respective department/office/agency to the new idea of managing COVID-19 and keeping services open with administrative controls like face masks, physical distancing, etc., and to also require patrons/customers to present COVID-19 vaccination cards and wear face masks.   Full details on the preparation for the expected border opening on August 1, 2022, will be shared with the public in the coming days and weeks.

Nan mihting en rahno, kaweid wiawi ong irail cabinet kan en utungada kosondi oh kaweid kan me mie ong epwelpen luhmwuhmw de kepinsalehd COVID-19 me rasehng face mask (pere mese), physical distance (anahne dohsang meh teikan) oh kisin likoun kadehdehpen dok en silasil en COVID-19.  Ire me pid langadahn seilok ong nan sounpwung en August pahn sansal ong weipokon ni ansou me ire wet pahn sondi.


  1. COVID-19 updates and news from Region/World

Please get your COVID-19 immunization or booster if you have not done so already.  The FSM National Government intends to open the national borders in August 2022.

Komwi kalahngan oh ketiki sapwelimomwi dok en silasil en COVID-19 ma komwi saik iang ketiki.  FSM patohwen mweidadahr seilok en pwurehng langada nan sounpwung en August.

Nauru recently opened its borders this month and report 1 death from COVID-19 along with over 4,000 positive cases as of July 5, 2022.  The country of Niue in the South Pacific also recently opened its borders in June and has reported 10 community cases. 

Sang nan weihn Nauru, seilok pwurehngehr langada nan sounpwung wet oh emen me kepinsalehdkilahr luhmwuhmw de kepinsalehd wet, ah pohnangin aramas 4,000 me kedierekdahr COVID-19 positive sang ni 05 en sounpwung wet, July.  Pil weihn Niue iang pwurehngehr langahda seilok nan sounpwung en June oh case en COVID-19 10 kedierekda miehier nan kouson akan en wehi wo.


Public health teams are offering vaccination and booster shots around the island.  Please call 320-3109 for the nearest location to you or visit the Division of Public Health across from Pohnpei State Hospital.

Tohn doadoahk en Pohnpei Public Health wie patopatohwanda dok en silasil en COVID-19 wasa koaros nan Pohnpei. Komw eker telephone nempe 320-3109 pwe komwi en ketki kaweid en wasahn dok en silasil me kerenehng komwi de komw ketla public health pelipelian imwen wini.


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