Governor Joseph welcomes home Spellers from Scrips Regional Spelling Bee in Guam

Celebrating Success!

We are thrilled to welcome back our incredible spelling champions from Pohnpei who made us proud at the Scrips Regional Spelling Bee! in Guam The VIP arrival lounge at Pohnpei State International Airport was buzzing with excitement as Governor Joseph, Vice Speaker Miguel, and Senator Simina, along with their families, warmly welcomed these talented individuals.

A special shoutout to Eula Panuelo, Yulie Aia, Nevton Hawley, and Samson Yakana – our champions who not only participated but soared to new heights! This marks a historic achievement as a Pohnpei speller secured the impressive #6 spot in the top 10 of the Regional Spelling Bee for the first time. Congratulations Eula Panuelo.

Director Rita Harris of TSP extended her heartfelt gratitude to Governor Joseph, Vice Speaker Miguel, and Senator Simina for their gracious welcome. She noted that this program has been active since 2015. This year’s success adds another remarkable chapter to our journey in spelling excellence.

Join us in congratulating these extraordinary spellers for their dedication, hard work, and exceptional achievement! Pohnpei is beaming with pride today! #PohnpeiSpellingChampions #ScripsRegionalSpellingBee #ProudMoment #EducationExcellence

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