Palikir, Pohnpei – April 9, 2024 – Today, Lt. Governor Francisco L. Ioanis convened a pivotal meeting with the management and staff of the Pohnpei Transportation Authority (PTA) at their Palikir plant. The gathering centered on essential matters crucial for the continued progress and efficiency of the transportation infrastructure across Pohnpei.

During the meeting, several agenda items were discussed in detail. Of paramount importance was the ongoing efforts to maintain and upkeep Pohnpei’s roads. Lt. Governor Ioanis actively engaged with management and staff on strategies to ensure the smooth functioning of road maintenance operations.

One significant concern addressed was the recent 45 percent salary increase, which had not reached PTA employees. In response, a budget reflective of this increase was meticulously prepared and promptly submitted to the Lt. Governor. This budget, now under review by the 11th Pohnpei State Legislature, aims to rectify the salary disparity and uphold fair compensation standards.

Furthermore, Lt. Governor Ioanis attentively listened to PTA staff regarding the pressing need for new equipment. Acknowledging the constant utilization of existing equipment, discussions ensued on facilitating assistance with equipment left behind by the Chinese following the construction of roads in Lukop, Madolenihmw.

Dredging operations also took center stage during the meeting, with Lt. Governor Ioanis emphasizing the limited availability of authorized sites in Sokehs and Madolenihmw. This underscored the importance of efficient resource allocation and environmental preservation in such endeavors.

In addition, PTA staff sought clarification on overtime compensation for their assistance during the recent Dekehtik fire. Lt. Governor Ioanis expressed gratitude for their commendable efforts and assured them that pending review and confirmation of work times, appropriate compensation would be provided.

In closing, Lt. Governor Ioanis conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated staff and management for their unwavering commitment to their duties and responsibilities. He emphasized the pivotal role each member plays in advancing Pohnpei’s interests and reiterated his confidence in their continued dedication and hard work.



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