Pohnpei State COVID19 Task Force Updates:

1. Pohnpei Transportation Authority (PTA) continues ongoing work at the Medical Monitoring Area in Dekehtik, focusing on filling and leveling the ground to accommodate isolation units to be used for quarantine. The PTA Commissioner, along with T&I, PPA and PUC, are working with the Task Force to complete this project on time for the repatriation of our residents.
2. The repatriation of any human remains will only be allowed for non-COVID19 related deaths and subject to the Task Force’s procedures, protocols, and HR guideline requirements that include the following:
Copy of passport deceased
Copy of Death Certificate or information extract from a hospital setting
Copy of Bill of Lading
If available:
Copy of Embalming Certificate
Copy of Postmortem nasopharyngeal swab (PMNPS) specimen result for COVID-19 (if collected)
Requirements also include the submission of an application for a Certificate of Importation of Human Remains, to be issued by the Director of Health & Social Services. The application is available and can be found on the Pohnpei State Government website.  
For more information on these updates, please call the Public Information Office at 320-2235 or email: pohnpeipublicinformation@gmail.com.


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