The Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force application for a certificate of qualified entry and application for importation of human remains is posted below/available for download.

Please note that admittance for travelers, including attendants of human remains, will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, subject to all screening, detection, quarantine & isolation procedures/protocols.

Please fill out the application(s) entirely and send to email:

Application for a Certificate for Qualified Entry

CQE Application

Application for Importation of Human Remains

HR Application A1


4 thoughts on “Applications for Certificate of Qualified Entry and Importation of Human Remains”
  1. kaselehlieh,mwo iren kalelapak iahd oh iawasa medical me kiht me tengalahr kat pahn kak wiahda naiht certificate en kadehda me se pahn kak en iang mweiwmei en douda pahn sompihr?

  2. As sad as it sounds, at least we know the chances of bringing the remains of a beloved one in the future are getting better now and there is hope for proper traditional burials and resting place at home. Thanx for the update. God bless!

  3. So the only requirement today is to apply to move HR to PNI through the PSDHS. All requirements remains the same as far as packing, transporting & handling, & documentation of HR. What is Pohnpei’s requirement in the movement of COVID-19 affected human remains? Does Pohnpei allow HR to come to Pohnpei? Please note there are 2 methods by which HR can be moved via air transport. 1. Cremated & 2. Embalmed. Please advise PNI requirement and if this has already been declared to IATA, ICAO and the FAA. Hope to hear from you folks soon.

    1. Thank you Mr. Yakana, great questions. Yes, an application to health is required. As of now, COVID-19 related human remains are not allowed, per Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force. All other Human remains are allowed, according to the requirements listed in the application.

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