Police Academy 2021

KOLONIA, POHNPEI:  On Friday, August 27, 2021, 39 Police Officers graduated from a 12-week Police Academy course of instruction. The graduation, held at the Kolonia-China Friendship gym, also included the Field Training Officers (FTO) program and the Junior Police Program.  

The Field Training Officers (FTO) program is a career development program for Police Officer III/Corporals.  The training is three weeks long and included a field project called the Junior Police Program.  Through the Junior Police Program, the FTO’s worked with students from 6th – 8th grade in their communities to create more awareness about Police work, laws, instill discipline and build character.  


Four Junior Police Programs joined the graduation ceremony: 


Kitti: Kitti Junior Police Team no.1, led by Police Officer III MC Ioanis, and Police Officer III Reagan Barnabas with 95 Junior Police participants from Seinwar and Pehleng Elementary School.  


Kitti Junior Police Team no. 2, led by Police Officer Nickson Abraham and Brian Henly with 42 Junior Police participants from Rohi, Wone, Enipein, and NMS Elementary School.  


Madolenihmw Junior Police, led by Police Officer III’s Jason Ringlen, Nathaniel Santos, and Steward Silbanuz with 22 Junior Junior Police participants from Pohnlangas, Wapar, Temwen, and ESDM Elementary schools.

Sokehs Junior Police Program, led by Police Officers Jermis Noket, Joseph Artui, Sgt. Johnson Clarence, and Police Officer Kilmente Wesel, with 22 Junior Police participants from Sekere, Sokehs Powe & Sokehs Pah Elementary Schools.  


Administering the oaths of office to the Police Academy cadets was Associate Justice of the Pohnpei State Supreme Court, the Hon. Mayceleen David-Anson.  


Director of the Department of Public Safety, Mr. Patrick Carl, gave welcoming remarks, reminding the cadets, FTO’s, and Junior Police members to exercise the three virtues of respect, responsibility, and honesty in their important work moving forward.  

In his special remarks, Governor Oliver recognized the presence of the Hon. Speaker Stevick Edwin and Associate Chief Justice, Mayceleen David-Anson.  He made note of the good work that has been accomplished during the last three months with all three programs.  He commended the work of Director Carl and the Pohnpei State Department of Public Safety for hosting the Police Academy and recognized the participation of Police Officers from the National Police Chuuk and Kosrae field Offices, Kosrae Department of Public Safety, and Kolonia Town Police Departments. He spoke of and commended youth programs like the Junior Police Program, Student Takeover Day, and community service at high schools that help inspire and motivate future generations.  Governor Oliver thanked the Director of Public Safety and Director of Education for their collaborative efforts to make the Junior Police program a success. In reiterating the three virtues of respect, responsibility, and honesty that Director Carl mentioned, Governor Oliver said that the training and raising up of our future generations begins in every home across Pohnpei.  Governor Oliver noted the importance of the joint law enforcement agreement with the National and Municipal governments to allow for training, collaboration, and maintaining peace and order.  Before closing Governor Oliver thanked everyone for their support of the Police Academy including uniforms and gear from the President of the FSM, FSM Congress, Pohnpei State Legislature, and the parents of the Junior Police Program who donated to the Junior Police Program and even the international organizations in Pohnpei like UNICEF and IOM who help the State of Pohnpei.  Governor Oliver closed with congratulations to all the Officers, Field Training Officers, and Junior Police Program participants for their hard work and dedication.  


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