Peilapalap, Pohnpei: May 8, 2023 – Governor Oliver met with USAID Country Manager, Roger Gardner, and USAID project Officer Mr. Herman Semes, Jr., who introduced Renee Acosta and Jasmin Tutor from the USAID Clean Cities, Blue Ocean program.
Mr. Acosta and Ms. Tutor are based in the Philippines and are here to facilitate a workshop to pilot the USAID Clean Cities, Blue Ocean project with Kolonia Town Government. The project aims to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans, directly at its source. The project develops capacities to improve solid waste management and helps build behavior change.
Governor Oliver welcomed Mr. Gardner, Mr. Semes, and Mr. Acosta warmly to the Governor’s Office. He was happy to hear of the project’s purpose and expected outcomes. Governor Oliver noted and agreed that behavioral change is very much needed to address these issues. Governor Oliver related the change starts at home and we all need to take ownership to reduce pollution in our communities. He pledged the support of the Pohnpei State Government through the Environmental Protection Agency.
Executive Officer of EPA, Mr. Francisco Celestine also joined Governor Oliver to welcome the USAID team, looking forward to the training and working with the local government and students on environmental issues like Earth Day.
Mr. Roger Gardner thanked Governor Oliver and ExO Celestine for their support. He stated that it is important for us to learn from each other, through pooling our resources and collective energy.
Thank you to U.S. Embassy Kolonia and USAID.


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