Lower Town, Kolonia: May 5, 2023 – Lieutenant Governor Francisco L. Ioanis attended the Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture’s (OFA) new office space opening ceremony.


After an opening prayer by Deacon Edmund, OFA Administrator Mr. Dahker Abraham delivered welcoming remarks.  He conveyed his appreciation and gratitude to all present, recognizing the presence of Lieutenant Governor Ioanis and the various cabinet members present.  He thanked the contractor J&B Construction construction for their good work and also thanked the land owner of the adjacent lot, the Honorable Beauleen Carl-Worswick for her assistance and support during the construction of the office building and the parking area.  Administrator Abraham related the condition of the old OFA building and expressed his gratitude once again to the administration, cabinet, and OFA advisory board for their support and assistance. 


The Chairman of the OFA Advisory Board, Mrs. Patricia Jack-Jossien, cut the ribbon to officially open the new office space assisted by Administrative Officer Memory Route.  A key turnover was done in the Office Space by Lieutenant Governor Ioanis.  


Congratulations to the Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture on their new office space.  The construction of the new office space amounted to $202,380.09.  The new office space construction was possible with funds available under the amended Compact for Infrastructure Maintenance Fund (IMF) sector grants.   


OFA is made up of four divisions: 1) Aquaculture Division 2: Hatchery Division 3) the Fisheries Statistics Division and 4) the Maintenance Division. OFA is responsible for the following:

(1)To improve the health of the offshore marine ecosystem within Pohnpei’s Exclusive Economic Zone for sustainable environmental and economic benefits.

(2)To improve the health of the inshore marine ecosystem. Enacting and implementing sustainable inshore fisheries policies and minimizing the negative impacts of land-based activities on lagoons and reefs are essential for the health of the inshore fishery ad the ecosystem upon which it relies.

(3)To strengthen and improve Pohnpei State’s fisheries management policies, programs, and operations. Long-term ocean and lagoon health depends on prioritizing policies that will lead to sustainable long-and short-term fisheries management programs and operations.

(4)To increase aquaculture activities in a sustainable manner. Sustainably operated aquaculture businesses can provide supplemental revenue-producing opportunities and related employment for Pohnpeians.




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