U.S. Military and Pohnpei Veterans Association Plans to Startup Micronesian Youth Leadership Academy Pilot Program

The U.S. Defense Attaché Office, Oceania Engagement Team, and Pohnpei Veterans Association met with Governor Reed Oliver late last month to discuss the furthering of the Micronesian Youth Leadership Academy (MYLA) Pilot Program. The goal of the program is to teach high school seniors skills that will enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.
MYLA will conduct training focused on academic development, leadership development, life skills development, and community development, and will be directed by members of the Department of Defense, and the Pohnpei Veterans Association. Next academic school year, 15 students will participate in the MYLA Pilot Program. The program hopes to expand in future years to come.
Governor Oliver thanked the U.S. Defense Attaché Office and the U.S. Embassy Kolonia for their continued support, friendship, and cooperation with the people of Pohnpei, and was happy to support this important program for the Youth of Pohnpei.
Joining Governor Oliver during this important meeting was the Acting Defense Attache, Mr. Kyle Papish, Captain Ted Donahue, Staff Sergeant Gary Likiak, Staff Sergeant Tarsis Harper, YN1 Patrick Howard, and Mr. Herman Semes, Jr., President of the U.S. Veterans of Pohnpei (USVP) association.
Prepared in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Kolonia Defense Attache Office.

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