UN Resident Coordinator Jaap Van Hierden Extends Congratulations and Updates to Governor Stevenson A. Joseph

Kolonia, Pohnpei: January 25, 2024 – UN Resident Coordinator Jaap Van Hierden, along with Ms. Kay Schwendinger, Head of Office, and Ms. Mary Ann Eperiam, Partnerships Officer, paid a courtesy call on Governor Stevenson A. Joseph. During the visit, Mr. Van Hierden extended his congratulations to Governor Joseph and expressed appreciation for the support of the One UN Micronesia House at the Pohnpei Botanical Gardens.

Mr. Van Hierden provided updates on the project, mentioning potential design changes while assuring that the overall Micronesian design principle would remain intact. He also shared plans for charging stations at the new office location, aiming to stimulate interest in electric-powered vehicles.

Highlighting the significant contributions of UN agencies in Pohnpei, Mr. Van Hierden noted the presence of 12 UN organizations already involved in various sectors, including water, migration, health, education, and youth. With the addition of the One UN Micronesia House, the number of agencies in Pohnpei is expected to increase to 18.

Governor Joseph expressed gratitude for the visit and the updates, assuring Mr. Van Hierden of Pohnpei’s ongoing support for the One UN Micronesia House project. He also noted that while concessionary requests could be expected, the construction’s full support remains, recognizing the economic benefits the project will bring to Pohnpei for the greater overall benefit of the state.

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