Kolonia, Pohnpei: January 26, 2024 – In a show of unwavering commitment to the future of Pohnpei’s youth, Governor Stevenson A. Joseph, accompanied by First Lady Dr. Aina Garstang and Lt. Governor Francisco L. Ioanis attended Education Day 2024. The event, held under the theme “Supporting Our Children Today to Succeed Tomorrow” or “Koupwelki Sapwelimatail Seri Kan Rahnwet ohng Pweida kan Lakapw” in Pohnpeian, brought together leaders, educators, and community members to celebrate and emphasize the importance of education.

The distinguished occasion commenced with opening remarks by Kolonia Town Mayor, Hon. Kumer Biza, setting a tone of enthusiasm and dedication for the day’s proceedings. Governor Joseph, a stalwart advocate for education, was introduced by Mr. Jerome Silbanuz, who eloquently listed the governor’s notable educational and professional achievements.

In his address to the assembled audience, Governor Joseph extended recognition to local leaders, including Senator Mitaro Simina, Senator Merlynn Abello-Alphonso, Mayor of Kolonia Town, Hon. Kumer Biza, and his classmate, the Speaker of the Kolonia Town Council, Hon. Yuko Nakasone. Additionally, he acknowledged the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Australia, H.E. Jo Cowley, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Wu Wei, and U.S. Charge’ d’affaires Alissa Bibb, International organizations, religious leaders, and the Board of Education for their invaluable contributions to the educational landscape.

Governor Joseph emphasized the significance of Education Day as a platform to honor and celebrate the pivotal role education plays in shaping the future. The theme, “Supporting Our Children Today to Succeed Tomorrow,” served as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility to nurture and empower the youth.

Advocating for the well-being of Pohnpei’s students, Governor Joseph stressed the importance of a nutritious start each morning. He emphasized that a healthy diet is essential for students to be strong and think clearly, underscoring the vital role nutrition plays in shaping the minds of the precious future of Pohnpei.

Highlighting the unique opportunity provided by public schools for all children in Pohnpei to receive an education, Governor Joseph urged parents to take full advantage of this essential resource. He called for a collaborative effort among parents, teachers, and educators to prioritize the needs of children and ensure they are always at the forefront of educational initiatives.

As Education Day 2024 concluded, Governor Joseph left the audience with a compelling call to action, reminding everyone present to never forget the paramount importance of educating the youth. He urged the community to work together to create an environment where every child can thrive and become a positive force for the future.

The attendance of Governor Stevenson A. Joseph, First Lady Dr. Aina Garstang, and Lt. Governor Francisco L. Ioanis at Education Day 2024 underscores the administration’s dedication to fostering a robust and inclusive education system for the benefit of Pohnpei’s present and future generations.

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