Kolonia, Pohnpei: January 30, 2024 – In a gesture of courtesy and mutual collaboration, the Meninkeder Lapalap Hon. Kiomy Albert, Speaker Hon. Wetsin Pelep, Chief Justice Hon. Jackson Luke, members of the Madolenihmw council, and employees of the Madolenihmw Municipal Government recently paid a courtesy call on the Acting Governor Francisco L. Ioanis. The warm welcome extended to the delegation by Hon. Kiomy Albert by Acting Governor Ioanis set the tone for a productive dialogue that addressed critical issues facing the region.

During the meeting, Acting Governor Ioanis conveyed the regrettable absence of Governor Joseph, who is currently in Yap for an economic summit and is expected to return next week. Despite the absence of Governor Joseph, the Meninkeder Lapalap and her delegation engaged in meaningful discussions on various important topics that impact the Madolenihmw Municipality.

One of the key subjects brought forth was the matter of revenue sharing. Acting Governor Ioanis, along with Mr. Anthony Dainard from the Budget Office and Ms. Christina Elnei, Director of the Department of Treasury and Administration, assured the delegation that the 30 percent revenue allocated by law to the Municipal Governments is forthcoming. The release of funds is pending the required audits and has already been included in the upcoming budget, showcasing the commitment of the Pohnpei State Government to uphold its financial obligations.

Additionally, the Meninkeder Lapalap and her delegation raised concerns about the establishment of a recycling center in Madolenihmw. In response, Acting Governor Ioanis pledged to collaborate with the Pohnpei Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to explore viable solutions and streamline recycling initiatives in the municipality. The commitment to environmental sustainability and waste management was emphasized as a shared goal between the Madolenihmw Municipal Government and the Pohnpei State Government.

During the discussions, Acting Governor Ioanis provided updates on the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation’s (PUC) response efforts in light of the currently amended emergency declaration. He emphasized the corporation’s proactive measures, highlighting the availability of both wells and water tanks to meet the water needs of municipal governments, including Madolenihmw. This strategic approach aims to ensure a reliable and sufficient water supply during emergencies, reflecting the government’s commitment to swift and effective response efforts.

The delegation also brought to light the matter of a possible dump site in Madolenihmw. Acknowledging the significance of proper waste management, Acting Governor Ioanis expressed the need for collaborative efforts and further research to identify suitable locations and implement effective waste disposal strategies.

Lastly, Acting Governor Ioanis touched upon the concerns raised by Governor Joseph regarding the yet-to-be-ratified Compact of Free Association with the USA. He shared insights into the ongoing discussions and the hopeful outlook for the ratification process, echoing the sentiments of the Joint Committee on Committee Review and Planning (JCRP) that ratification is anticipated shortly.

The courtesy call served as a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and a reaffirmation of the strong ties between the Madolenihmw Municipal Government and the Pohnpei State Government. The commitment to addressing pressing issues and fostering sustainable development was evident, setting a positive tone for future engagements between the two entities.


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