Governor Stevenson A. Joseph Hosts Courtesy Call with Philippine Ambassador Mylene Garcia-Albano

Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 27, 2024- Governor Stevenson A. Joseph welcomed Her Excellency Mylene Garcia-Albano and her delegation for a courtesy call, fostering diplomatic ties and exploring potential collaborations between the Republic of the Philippines and the Pohnpei State Government.

Ambassador Garcia-Albano, in a warm exchange, sought to understand the specific interests and areas where the Republic of the Philippines could extend support to Pohnpei. Governor Joseph, appreciating the gesture, discussed various potential avenues for collaboration, including the establishment of a sister-city or province relationship and assistance in agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, and vocational training.

The Ambassador mentioned TESDA, an organization specializing in technical education and skills development, as a potential partner for vocational training initiatives. Governor Joseph, noting the ongoing discussions about the development of a vocational skills academy in Pohnpei, expressed receptivity to exploring partnerships with TESDA.

The discussion further delved into the Governor’s plans to address food security by merging agriculture and aquaculture services. Both parties acknowledged the potential for significant cooperation in this critical area.

The atmosphere during the courtesy call was friendly and collaborative, with Governor Joseph expressing optimism about the promising future of collaboration between the Pohnpei State Government and the Republic of the Philippines. The exchange sets the stage for further discussions and potential partnerships that could benefit both regions.

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