Governor Joseph Welcomes Pohnpei Assessment Team Following Outer Islands Damage Assessment

Dekehtik, Pohnpei: February 27, 2024 – Governor Stevenson A. Joseph extended a warm welcome to the Pohnpei Assessment Team upon their return from a 10-day comprehensive damage assessment of the Outer Islands. The assessment, conducted onboard the M.V. Voyager, was in response to drought conditions and inundation resulting from El Niño weather conditions.

The assessment team, comprised of representatives from various Pohnpei State agencies and the National Government, collaborated with local officials in the outer islands to evaluate the impact of the adverse weather conditions. Their findings, aimed at understanding the extent of damage and identifying areas of immediate concern, will be submitted to the Governor’s Office for thorough review.

The team also brought supplies that were generously donated in Pohnpei by various organizations and individuals.

Governor Joseph personally greeted the team at the pier and expressed gratitude for their dedicated efforts on behalf of the Pohnpei State Government and its people. In his brief remarks, Governor Joseph acknowledged the importance of the work undertaken by the assessment team, emphasizing the significance of their findings in guiding future response and recovery efforts.

The collaborative effort between the assessment team and local officials reflects a commitment to addressing the challenges posed by El Niño-induced conditions. Governor Joseph reiterated his appreciation for the team’s dedication and emphasized the collective responsibility to safeguard the well-being of the residents in the affected outer islands.


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