On January 13, 2021, T.H. Reed B. Oliver and T.H. Feliciano M. Perman held a small ceremony at the Governor’s Cabinet Conference Room to observe the one year anniversary of their administration. Joining the Governor and Lt. Governor were staff from the Governor’s Office, some cabinet members, and three members of the Inauguration team: Former Chief of Staff, Mrs. Suzanne L. Gallen, Mrs. Daisy N. Cantero, and Mr. Patterson Shed.
Lt. Governor Perman and Chairman of Pohnpei State COVID-19 Task Force congratulated Governor Oliver and everyone for completing one year. Lt. Governor Perman noted the challenge of this first year with COVID-19 and was grateful for the administration’s vision of Enginkehlap to work together for the good of the people of Pohnpei. Chairman David also spoke of the COVID-19 challenge this year and the teamwork that has helped keep Pohnpei safe during this first year and shared a scripture, Matt. 6:33 as a reminder moving forward.
Governor Oliver thanked both Lt. Governor Perman and Chairman David for their remarks. He reflected over the past year and even further back, paying his respects to Governors who came before recognizing their achievements that brought Pohnpei to the present. He also recognized the three members of the inauguration team that were present that day as well as all the others who helped in the lead up to the inauguration and even before. He encouraged all to continue to move forward serving the people of Pohnpei.


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