On January 22, 2021, T.H. Reed B. Oliver, Governor of Pohnpei State, and T.H. Feliciano M. Perman, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State, attended a brief ceremony to acknowledge the receipt and transfer of four brand new school buses. The ceremony was held in front of the Pohnpei State Administration Government Building at Peilapalap Kolonia with three of the four buses available at the ceremony.
Wanpoaran Roddy Robert from the United Church of Christ Pohnpei (UCCP) Mand congregation opened the brief ceremony with a prayer. Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Rickson Higgins, Department of Education’s Public Information Officer.
Lt. Governor Perman’s remarks started with an explanation that this ceremony is not a handover ceremony, but rather a ceremony to acknowledge and appreciate the receipt of the new buses received through a request for proposal for school buses by the Department of Treasury and Administration. Lt. Governor Perman noted that only three school buses were present because one school bus sustained minor damage during shipment and is being repaired. What is important, Lt. Governor noted about the school buses, is that they will help transport Pohnpei’s school children to and from school. He wanted to ensure that the maintenance and care of these school buses are in place to drive Pohnpei’s schoolchildren safely and for a long time. The school buses each have a 52 passenger capacity and were made by the Cedar Bus Company.
Before the Director of the Department of Education closed the ceremony with his remarks, the keys to the school buses were presented to him by T.H. Feliciano M. Perman, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei. Director Etse thanked Governor Oliver and Lt. Governor Perman, on behalf of the Department of Education, for their guidance and leadership. In his remarks, he highlighted the importance of these school buses to carry out the Department’s responsibilities to provide transportation for Pohnpei’s school children. He expressed gratitude to Mr. Resio Moses Jr., representing RSM Imports, for his assistance in sourcing and shipping the school buses to Pohnpei. Director Etse acknowledged Lt. Governor Perman’s remarks to take care of the buses so they can be operated safely and for a long period of time. He also thanked the DOE Bus Drivers for sharing their concerns about having enough buses to transport Pohnpei’s schoolchildren safely and on time. He closed by referencing the Oliver/Perman administration’s motto of Enginkehalp as a reminder to work together and take care of the needs of not only the Department of Education but all Departments serving the people of Pohnpei.
The Department of Education currently has a total of 48 school buses with the additional four school buses received on January 22, 2021.


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