Governor Oliver attended the first-ever high school jeopardy competition that took place at the PICS High School Gymnasium on January 12, 2022. Seven public and private high school teams competed against each other in subjects ranging from math, language, science to Pohnpei studies.
Reverend Bruce Enicar blessed the opening of the event, and Director of the Department of Education, Mr. Stanley Etse welcomed Governor Oliver and all the high school students, teachers, parents, and family to the first-ever Pohnpei High School Jeopardy competition.
In his brief remarks, Governor Oliver thanked Director Etse and the organizing committee for helping to motivate and inspire the future of Pohnpei through this competition. He expressed gratitude for being able to attend such an inspiring event among intelligent and bright students, saying “I know I will learn something new, today”. He reassured the students that their teachers, parents, school, and the Department of Education all share a common goal, to help each of them grow in mind, body, and spirit. He encouraged each of them to move forward with their education and remember to return home to help Pohnpei. Governor Oliver closed his remarks saying thanks and appreciation are just words, but our actions always express the greatest thanks and appreciation.
After 50 questions and a 5-minute break in the middle of the competition, the team with the most points was Our Lady of Mercy High School.
Our Lady of Mercy High School – 37 points
Seventh-Day Adventist High School – 34 points
PICS High School – 33 points
Madolenihmw High School – 29 points
Nanpei Memorial High School – 29 points
Pohnpei Catholic High School – 27 points
Calvary Christian Academy – 26 points
Closing the event was Mr. Pressler Martin, Chief Curriculum & Instruction. He told the students that they are all winners for stepping up to compete today. He thanked them for their participation and advised them that this will be an annual event that will get better and better each year.
Congratulations to all the students who competed in the first-ever Pohnpei High School Jeopardy competition.


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