On Friday, January 13, 2023, Governor Oliver welcomed the Mile A Day (MAD) Moms to the Governor’s Office for a turnover of donated items to the Pohnpei State Hospital pediatric and maternity wards.  Senator Brian Etscheit, Chairman of the Health Committee at the Pohnpei State Legislature was also present at the turnover, along with Senator Jayson Walter, Chief of Hospital Administration Mrs. Merihter Elias Etse, and Chief of Hospital Supply Mr. Salter Etse Jr.


Mrs. Sophia Pretrick represented the MAD Moms and delivered remarks during the turnover.  She shared the history of the MAD Moms group and a recent challenge called the RUNSTREAK challenge that garnered $7,582.25 in donations from sponsors.  These donations were used to purchase items that were then donated to the Pediatric and Maternity wards.  Mrs. Pretrick shared details of their RUNSTREAK challenge that started in November and ran for 39 days ending in December, covering the most tempting and busy times of the year.  The challenge was to walk a mile a day for 39 days and have sponsors pay $1 a day or more.  Mrs. Pretrick reminded everyone that one action can cause a ripple effect, and each of the participants of the RUNSTREAK challenge took action every day.


Governor Oliver expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to the MAD Moms for their generous donations.  He praised their initiative to not only stay healthy during the holidays but also turn their efforts into something that benefits others.  Their donations not only included items for patients on the pediatric and maternity ward but also wheelchairs, thermoscans, and stethoscopes for healthcare providers.  Senator Brian Etscheit also delivered remarks to express his deep appreciation and gratitude.  He likened their efforts to the “butterfly effect” where one action affects many others.


Dr. Nora Liwy, Chief of the Medical Services Division at the Pohnpei State Hospital, also thanked the MAD Moms for their donations on behalf of the patients and staff of the hospital.  Dr. Liwy noted that the donations are exactly what mothers and newborns need in the pediatric and maternity wards.  On behalf of the Director of the Department of Health Services, Chief of Hospital Administration, Merihter Elias Etse, extended sincere gratitude to the MAD Moms for their generous donations.


Congratulations and thank you to the following participants and sponsors:


#FSMRunStreak22- Participants and SPONSORS: Kalangan LAP

  1. Amytz Tom
  2. Anna Pelep
  3. Ashley Leigh ($665.00)- Cheeney Ludwig, Snowii’s, Velisa/Derick Dainard, Cardi Joel, Alice Etse, Anonymous (4) Brandon Tarra, Nixon Higgins, Janet Gompers
  4. Belinda Bel
  5. Benny Henry ($40.00)- Joan Ching
  6. Brigeen Lawrence ($100.00)- Maiti Kepinle
  7. Celine Oliver- ($156.00)- Estelle Oliver, Pakalolo, Kuaine, Estein Oliver
  8. Charlene Abraham-
  9. Cheeny Ludwig- Different cause/(sponsor)
  10. Chris M Lebehn ($140.00)- Leilani Welly Biza, Dipwin Lih
  11. Cutelynn Eliou ($339.00)- Senator Herolyn Movick, Lovana Edward, Eugene Joshua, Melynda Irons, Rusen Eliou, Wetsin Pelep, Ryan Eliou, Stephanie E. Eliou
  12. Dwaila Falcam-
  13. Ehsa Jocy Anson- ($557.00)- Serlinda Soukon, Lorlain Oliver, Eileen Luda, Alvin, Keiki Nanpei, Myree Daniel Ehsa, Pedrus Ehsa Jr. Ricky, Corner Treats Clean Ice Cube, Corner Treat Retail, Rose, Dr, Nora Liwy, Junsuh Ehsa
  14. Else Rout and Team Young and the Breathless- ($39.00)- Brandon Tarra
  15. Ensyleen Johnson
  16. Erlyn Pelep
  17. Eutynijo Panuelo ($239.00) Maria Welch and Jordan Panuelo
  18. Ez Mar
  19. Flynn Boss ($40.00)- Rainbow Zumba
  20. Glenn Primoo (45.00)- Self Sponsored
  21. Irene Primo Yamada- ($39.00) -Char Neth
  22. Ivy Mariano- ($39.00)- Maria Mauricio
  23. Vengelynn Andon Amusten ($39.00)- Maria Mauricio
  24. Janelle Anson ($277.00)- Pelihda Anson, Sammy Moses, Clancy, Brad Philip, Wefonne, Kamile, Brandon Tarra
  25. Joan Ching- ($90.00) -Benny Henry, Self-Sponsored
  26. Joice Henry Peter ($219.00)- Char Neth, Dr. Santiago, Anonymous
  27. Jo Lynne Gallen ($231.00)- William Kostka, Niqui Peterson, Aline Hankey, Natalie Nimmer, Winfred Mudong, Santiago Joab, Jr.
  28. Jovee Philip-
  29. Julyn Shoniber Perman
  30. Kaping Hinga
  31. Korihna Carius
  32. Lane Zhu Julein w/Different cause
  33. Lane Jano
  34. Lapake Oalipip Lioanoai- ($50.00) Self-Sponsored
  35. Lynn Lohn
  36. Lynn Martin- ($80.00) Melora Albert, Dae Marie David, Mark David
  37. Maiti Kepinle-
  38. Maria Mauricio- ($122.00) Self-Sponsored Welensin and Leilane
  39. Marmelyn Panuelo ($44.00) Kyle Panuelo
  40. Marsy Maruame
  41. @McClain Gilmete ($100.00) Jared Morris & Tracy Ardos
  42. Mer-Jer Wendolin
  43. Melissa Ponens Wendolin-
  44. Melynda D Irons – ($129.25) Kyle Panuelo, Cindy David Iriarte, Jocy Anson Ehsa
  45. Merly Leopold- ($39.00) Self-Sponsored
  46. Mihla Mak
  47. Bexley Mei Mihne Pretrick- ($50.00) Glen Primo
  48. Minerva Milane Stephen Pablo- ($78.00) Dorothy Stephen and Celine Oliver
  49. Nanmadol Pohnpei- ($280.00) Joan Ching, Robert Weilbacher Jr., Troy Weilbacher, AAliya Weilbacher, Uni Yamase Lawrence, Sue
  50. Napo Donre
  51. Pauline E. Panuelo- ($100.00 & 100cups in-kind donation by FSM Bank) Leon Panuelo, Jr., Eula Panuelo
  52. Pearl Habuchmai Olter-Pelep
  53. Pedra Panuelo Archer – (150.00) Self-Sponsored
  54. Pelihda David-
  55. Roslinda Harris
  56. Ryan Edgar
  57. Sandra Anson- ($39.00) Kyle Panuelo
  58. Santos Cantero
  59. Serlihda Soukon-
  60. Suhle Weilbacher
  61. Tamara Greenstone-Alefaio
  62. Tarz N Lilly- ($500.00)
  63. Tindia Gisell
  64. Thelma P. Higgins – ($50.00) Fiona Isotoff
  65. Tracen Agrippa Olter Kemelios
  66. Huston Jim Verna- ($89.00) – Char Neth, Self-Sponsored
  67. Yolanda Yamada Nanpei- ($80.00)- Lynn Lel Yamada, Yoriko Nanpei
  68. Yolina Yamada Irons- ($80.00) Lynn Lel Yamada, Anonymous
  69. Yukleen Yoma
  70. Yuleen Nanpei Perman- ($2,228.00) Snowii’s, Cheeny Ludwig, Kyle Panuelo, Stephanie Ritland, William Kostka, Seni Hainrick, Shanty Sigrah Asher, Joella Joab-Olkeriil, the Baby Shop, Fiona Isotoff, Tamara Greenstone-Alefaio, Juleen Kai Kanai, Ikaika Isotoff, Phylicia Isotoff, Chelle Kamber, Quincy Perman aka Keanu Reeves, Casmira Mix, June Neth, Tish Abe, Lorrain William, Troy Travis Pelep, Eddie Musrasrik, Chelsea Rion, Jared Morris, Greg Reffner, Napo Donre, Maria Welch, Gustin Kohler, Rospein Marcella Peterson

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