Kolonia, Pohnpei: February 28, 2024 – Governor Stevenson A. Joseph welcomed Mr. Rick Dereas, President of the Rotary Club of Pohnpei, and Mr. Melner Isaac, President-Elect, during a courtesy call at the gubernatorial office today.

During the meeting, Mr. Isaac provided an insightful overview of the Rotary Club’s ongoing activities, emphasizing the upcoming annual quiz night. This event serves as a vital fundraiser for scholarships and community projects aimed at fostering educational opportunities and community development in Pohnpei.

As part of their commitment to community engagement, the Rotary Club of Pohnpei presented Governor Joseph with the 2024 Rotary Club calendar. The calendar features captivating photos from across the Federated States of Micronesia, showcasing the rich diversity and beauty of the region.

President Rick Dereas also took the opportunity to share details about a noteworthy project initiated by the Rotary Club in local high schools. This project specifically addresses absenteeism among girls, emphasizing the importance of education and providing support to overcome barriers that hinder regular attendance. Other noteworthy projects are the street mirrors, notably at the intersection in Sokehs before heading down to Palikir and supporting the State Spelling Bee.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, Governor Joseph thanked Mr. Dereas and Mr. Isaac for their visit and commended the Rotary Club for its impactful initiatives. The Governor also shared that he was a Rotarian in previous years and acknowledged the significance of their efforts in promoting education, community well-being, and cultural appreciation.

The Rotary Club of Pohnpei continues to play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for the people of Pohnpei, and Governor Joseph looks forward to ongoing collaboration to achieve shared goals and aspirations.


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