On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, T.H. Reed B. Oliver, Governor of Pohnpei State, attended a second Education Day event at Seinwahr Elementary School in Kitti.  Deacon William Ioanis opened the ceremony with a prayer before T.H. Antonio Sarapio, Luhk En Moanlap, gave his welcoming remarks.

Luhk En Moanlap welcomed everyone as the Chief Executive of the Municipal Government of Kitti.  He shared his almost 30 years as an educator before coming to his present position.  In his remarks, he spoke of the similarities between modern science and Pohnpei culture and traditions, especially with raising and preparing children for their futures.  He noted the most important interaction for children to prepare them each day begins at home with parents, continuing onto school with teachers.

The keynote speaker for the event was Kitti native and FSM Assistant Secretary of Education, Mr. Quincy Lawrence.  Mr. Lawrence acknowledged Education Day’s theme of Unity and encouraged overcoming negative influences to unite for success and achievement. He referenced Enginkehlap or Unity as the driving force behind success and achievement, recognizing the achievements of students and teachers.  He asked the students if they listen to their parents at home, saying that children of Pohnpei stand out from children across the world because they value obedience, respect, and love, and this starts at home with their parents as part of Pohnpeian culture.  He closed by thanking the Director of Education and the Department of Education for inviting him to speak at this important event.

Governor Oliver congratulated the students and teachers of Kitti on the eighth Education Day in Pohnpei where students and teachers are recognized for achievements.  He recalled the previous days at PICS High School and Sekere and shared highlights from the keynote speakers that included themes of unity, honesty, and respect.  Governor Oliver noted that education is not just conducted at school, but also at homes and in communities.  He shared the virtues of respect, honesty, and responsibility with the students of Kitti, adding unity as well.  He noted that academic achievements have greater value when respect, responsibility, and honesty are also part of their learning.  He closed by sharing the story of a young man from Kitti who currently works at the UN in New York, to explain that student abilities are not limited to success and achievement in Pohnpei, the FSM, or the region, but can reach far away, like this young man who represents Pohnpei at the UN in New York.  He encouraged the students to keep up the good work and don’t give up.

Board of Education Chairman, Mr. Grilly Jack, ended the event with his closing remarks. He shared a quote, “While we are unique individuals with different talents, we are equally important.” He referenced Governor Oliver’s previous remarks on virtues like honesty and unity that give purpose to our service to the people.  On behalf of the Board of Education and Department of Education, Mr. Jack thanked everyone for attending and recognizing the achievements of the students and teachers of Kitti.

Also present were Senators T.H. Herolyn Movick, T.H. Dahker Daniel, T.H. Francisco Ioanis, T.H. Stevenson Joseph, Speaker of Kitti Council, T.H. Jordan Ardos, Acting FSM Secretary of Education, Mr. Wayne Mendiola, Dauk Kitti, Board of Education members Diaz Joseph and Phyllis Silbanuz.



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