On January 29, 2021, T.H. Reed B. Oliver, Governor of Pohnpei State, visited Saladak elementary school in U to celebrate, recognize and commemorate the achievements of students, teachers, and principals from elementary schools in U, Nett, and the Outer Islands. 

Welcoming remarks for Education Day in U were made by Chief Minister of U, Rofino Primo.

The Keynote speaker of the event was a native of U, T.H. Esmond Moses, Vice Speaker of the 21st FSM Congress.  In his remarks, Vice-Speaker identified the many former teachers who were present, including the two-state legislators from U and his wife, acknowledging the value and importance of teachers for student success and achievements.   He further acknowledged their importance in the raising of our children, because of their time spent at school. Senator Moses thanked all the students present for their achievements and asked them to continue to do their best in school and help their teachers as he asked to be excused to attend to his duties at Congress.    

Governor Reed B. Oliver gave special remarks congratulating the students and teachers for being recognized.  He continued his challenge to the students who received high academic marks to add on these three virtues: Respect, Responsibility, and Honesty.  As he did in all his addresses across the island, he challenged the students to include these virtues in their academic and personal lives.  He asked them what is next? And encouraged the students to continue moving forward to do their best, because they are the future of Pohnpei, of our nation.  Governor Oliver recognized the hard work and dedication of the awards committee for the organization of this year’s Education week across Pohnpei, for which they received a special award presented to the Director of Education, Mr. Stanley Etse.  

After the awards, Board of Education member, Mr. Diaz Joseph, gave the closing remarks.  Mr. Joseph ended the ceremony by sharing virtues of respect, honesty, and love to the students as they continue on their academic journey. He shared a story that teaches students to take the good things that they have learned and keep them in their hearts and minds and discard the rest.  He thanked Governor Oliver, Director Etse of the Department of Education, and the awards committee for the success of the week-long celebration of Education.  

Thank you to all who helped with the presentation of awards to students and teachers: Mayor of Nukuoro Senard Leopold, Mayor of Pingelap Smithy Clark, Acting Secretary of FSM Department of Education Wayne Mendiola, Senator Herolyn Movick, Senator Hudson Abraham, Senator Mitaro Simina, Senator Sonster Edgar, Director Stanley Etse, Board of Education members: Diaz Joseph, Phyllis Silbanuz, Chairman Grilly Jack, Nett District Administrator Nelsin Iriarte, Deacon Eneriko Donre.  



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