The Pohnpei State Government’s Special Kapingamaringi Task Force would like to inform the general public that, due to an unexpected delay in transportation, donations are still being accepted to assist the people of Kapingamarangi who are undergoing an extended drought season.  

Donations will be accepted into next week, and are being received at the Department of Public Safety’s Fire and Rescue Division, by Capt. Wendolin Lainos.  Currently, enough rice and water have been received and an announcement will be made next week on the expected departure date and cut-off date for donations.  

Kalahngan to all the donors who have contributed to the current relief efforts. A full listing of all donors will be made when available. 


Ace Commercial

Genesis Hospital

Bank of FSM and Staff

Kaselehlie Diner

Pohnpei Girls’ Scouts

Australian Embassy

US Embassy


Robina Anson

Kapinga Village, Pohnrakied

Leon and Angie Ligohr


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