Christmas Tree Contest


Congratulations to the students and teachers who participated in the first Christmas Tree contest for Pohnpei High Schools! The winners were announced today at the Governor’s conference room. The Christmas trees were judged on their creativity, originality, uniqueness, materials used, and overall impact. The Christmas trees were made from recyclable materials.
Before announcing the winners, Governor Oliver congratulated all the students for their hard work and creativity. He acknowledged the great work they accomplished and encouraged them to inspire and motivate their underclassmen to be as creative and innovative as they are. He also congratulated the Director of Education, Stanley Etse, and his staff for setting up the contest and thanked the judges for their participation. He shared a memory from his younger years, reflecting on the difference that teachers have made in all our lives. He closed by telling the students to be positive, to look forward because they are the future of Pohnpei, saying “if not you, then who? If not now, then when?”
1st Place: Pohnpei Catholic School (PCS)
2nd Place: Our Lady of Mercy High School (OLMCHS)
3rd Place: Nanpei Memorial High School (NMHS)
4th Place (TIE): Madolenihmw High School/Calvary Christian Academy
5th Place: PICS High School
6th Place: Ohwa Christian High School

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