Governor Oliver delivered remarks this evening (December 3, 2021) at Peilapalap, Kolonia at the conclusion of a parade held to mark the end of Public Safety week and their anti-bullying campaign. Over 10 different groups participated in the parade that started at the Spanish Wall and ended at the Governor’s Office.
Director of Public Safety, Patrick Carl, kicked off the event with opening remarks explaining that the parade and Christmas Tree lighting is the end of their weeklong public safety week and anti-bullying campaign. Captain Ricky Rodriguez was the MC of the event and Captain Ioanis gave the opening prayer.
In his remarks Governor Oliver said that what was learned during the weeklong anti-bullying campaign does not stop here, instead what was learned and the support of this issue will continue. He thanked the Director of Public Safety, Patrick Carl for his leadership in overseeing the anti-bullying campaign and the Christmas Tree Lighting program. To the members of the diplomatic corps and local leadership, which included the US Ambassador, Australian Ambassador, Embassy of Japan Deputy Head of Mission, UN Resident Coordinator, IsoNahnken of Madolenihmw, John Adolph, Acting Speaker McGarry Miguel and Senator Shelten Neth, he noted that while the world is going through a pandemic it was appropriate to share a message of peace, harmony and unity in the name of humanity and thanked them for their presence. He closed by encouraging the children who participated in the parade and the anti-bullying campaign to continue to do their best in school and take what they have learned and apply it at school, in their homes and communities. Governor Oliver noted the presence of US Embassy Kolonia Defense Attaché’ US Navy Commander Thomas Price and his US military colleagues.
First Lady of Pohnpei, Estle G. Oliver, with H.E. Carmen Cantor, US Ambassador and H.E. Joanne Cowley, Australian Ambassador, turned on the Christmas Tree and all the Christmas lights at the Governor’s Office, following a 10-second countdown.


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