1. COVID-19 Response efforts

The next repatriation flight into Pohnpei from Guam is scheduled for May 14, 2022.

To be considered for the repatriation flight, all passengers repatriating to Pohnpei must complete the certificate of qualified entry.  This is an online application form that can be found at


Pre-quarantine in Guam will be five days, followed by quarantine in Pohnpei for an additional five days.  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, booster, and negative COVID-19 test is required.  Testing in Pohnpei will be on days 2 and 5.  If a positive case is confirmed, all in quarantine will be reset for an additional five days.   These precautionary measures are in place to ensure the safety and welfare of the people of Pohnpei.

Pohnpei State is currently at 80% coverage for COVID-19 vaccinations, this includes 5 years old and above.  During the last cabinet meeting on May 2, 2022, Director Wincener David and Pandemic Readiness Response Commission Chairperson, Mrs. Norleen Deorio, set a target date of July 30, 2022, to reach 100%.  This is in anticipation of the announced opening of the borders in August by the President’s Office.

  1. Special Education students visit Governor’s Office

Kalahngan to the Nine (9) Special Education students who visited the Governor’s Office on Thursday, March 28, 2022.  The visit is part of Special Education Week, observed this year from 25 – 29 April.  The theme for this year’s Special Education week is “It takes a village to raise a child” and includes visits to the Governor’s Office, Legislature, US Embassy, President’s Office, and FSM Congress.

On behalf of Governor Reed B. Oliver, Chief of Staff, Kapilly Capelle, welcomed the students, teachers, and parents to the Governor’s Office.  Presentations by the students included the demonstration of American Sign Language, an energetic dance exhibition, and remarks by staff and students who shared their goals and dreams for the future.  After their impressive presentations, Mr. Capelle congratulated and encouraged the students to achieve the dreams they have set before them. He commended the staff for their dedication and commitment to serving the students.  Before leaving, each student was presented with a backpack with school supplies and treated with some ice cream and cake.

Mr. Jesse Solomon and Mr. Herry Wichep led the group of students and staff that included Gary Jimina, Juleen Manuel, Ailynda Micky, Maiuleen Gallen, Luden Robert, David Phillip, Jackson Paul, Reyo Reyo, and Ozimy Edward.

Starting in 1991 with 120 students, today the Pohnpei State Special Education program continues to provide an important service for 621 students with special needs across Pohnpei.

  1. Cabinet updates – Cabinet meeting on Monday, May 2, 2022

Cabinet updates:

From the Pohnpei Transportation Authority, Commissioner Berney Martin reported, that road projects continue with two major projects underway.  The capital road improvement project, paving the road up to the capital in Palikir, is underway.  Preparatory work has already been done.  Another project is a sidewalk project from Palikir elementary school to the College of Micronesia National campus in Palikir.  Both projects are funded by the FSM Congress.

The Director of the Department of Treasury and Administration, Ms. Christina Elnei, reported that payments at the cashier’s office will soon be accepting credit card and debit card payments.  This will be announced when available.

The Director of the Department of Resources and Development, Mr. Hubert Yamada, shared upcoming events that include the 1st Micronesian Exposition, a trade fair, which will take place tentatively at the end of June. More information will be shared with the public when known.

Election Commissioner, Mr. Heinrich Stevenson, reported that the Election Office is currently undergoing a Voter registration update project.  This project seeks to update voter registration accurately by working at the Kousapw level to list all registered voters present in Pohnpei and identify those who are deceased and those who have left the island.

  1. 98 repatriates released after 10 days of quarantine

After 10 days of quarantine in Pohnpei, 98 repatriates were released on the evening of Tuesday, May 3, 2022.  All 98 repatriates tested negative for COVID-19 prior to their release.  The repatriates arrived in Pohnpei on April 23, 2022, after five days of pre-quarantine in Guam. After five days of quarantine on Pohnpei, a possible positive case was found.  This caused the repatriates to be kept for another five days.

Thank you to the repatriates, and their families for their patience and cooperation.  Thank you to our health and security staff for their hard work and dedication.



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